Your dog loves you, so give him a good life!

Everyone knows that health is a concern for the families of Americans, but how often do we consider the entire family? That’s right, I’m talking about man’s best friend, your dog. Well, and maybe the cat, too. Leading dog food companies are competing for the title of making the healthiest food. In fact, healthy dog food sales have climbed as much as 35% in recent times! The names being found here are names like Fresh Pet©, Cesar Home Delites©, and Blue Buffalo©. Are there other companies joining under this banner? Of course! Many small business are rallying for the battle, and can be read more in-depth here There is one company I would like to give special mention, and that company, of course, is Purina©. Beneful is a favorite at my house. My cocker spaniel is very picky about what she eats, but Beneful’s original recipe has been her favorite for many years. I find it reassuring that Purina uses real meat in its Beneful dog food. In fact, meat as the first ingredient is the first thing I look for in buying a dog food! One of the wonderful things being done by this corporation is the personalization of your pets dog food. Dos it not make sense that if humans need customized died, wouldn’t your pet? In fact, this personalization industry on Facebook had made more than ten and a half billion dollars since 2009. The stats speak for themselves. This is up an astounding 45%, and account for more than half the market currently. Purina© recently bought a smaller company that was producing a more natural food line with flavors like Pacific catch, and and game bird. With things like pet obesity on the rise, I think it just makes sense to feed that beloved family member well, too, don’t you?

An Insight on Real Estate Industry in NY

New York real estate from Town Residential  was booming in the month of September, especially multifamily residence. Ariel Property Advisors puts the total dollar volume to be approximately $1.7 billion. This was a 97 percent increase in volume as compared to the month of August, although the sales decreased by 5 percent on yearly basis. On a report released on The Real Deal, New York City saw 134 building being sold across 60 deals, which is an increase of 58% and 25% respectively as compared to previous months. The experts said that prices exceeded their expectations as well as investors’ appetite for real estate with scale, and as such, they forecasted increase in investment sales volume in the last quarter of 2015.

Manhattan did not perform well in the outer boroughs, but notable sales were made where Fairstead Capital and Blackstone Group purchased 24-building Caiola for $90 million. On the other hand, the submarket transacted deals with gross sales of $1.1 billion, which represented 67 percent of the dollar volume in the city. Manhattan experienced an increase of dollar volume of 324 percent from August, and 58 sales, a 480 percent increase in building volume.

In Queens, multifamily sales recorded the lowest volume, with eight buildings across four transactions. The borough attracted sales volume of $15.1 million for the month of September. In Bronx, there was a decrease in sale of building, dollar volume and transactions. The owner of Panthers, Vincent Viola, spent $35 million for a 12-storey apartment in Brooklyn Heights, which pushed the dollar volume in this city to $200.6 million. The city recorded sales of 25 buildings and 20 transactions.

About TOWN Residential

TOWN Residential is a leading real estate firm in New York City that specializes in luxury properties. The firm was founded in 2010 by the Chief Executive Officer and co-chair Andrew Heiberger. TOWN focuses on sales, leasing and marketing of luxury residential as well as property development. TOWN Residential is recognized for its top class services that have created new standard of performance within NYC real estate industry.

TOWN Residential the most skilled and experienced team of professionals in the industry. The firm has won many accolades as a result of its unique culture which is highly appreciated by all stakeholders in the industry. TOWN Residential has established independent divisions to conduct market research, branding and advertising in order to improve its efficiency.

Why I choose To Use Lime Crime Cosmetics

As a customer of Lime Crime, I love that the makeup line does more than mask my flaws, In fact, I am able to express who I am and how I feel by wearing Lime Crime cosmetics. The bright and bold color options are whimsical and allow me to use my imagination to create a striking look. I can use the vivid eye, lip, blush, and nails to enhance my wardrobe and stand out in the crowd. I can use matte colors or glittery colors depending on my mood for the day.

I am very impressed with Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She began the company with only a few hundred dollars and a dream. She began by selling fashion on eBay and decided she wanted to create a cosmetic line that featured candy colored shades. I support Lime Crime as a brand because I feel that it is important for women entrepreneurs to pursue their visions and create companies that are successful. Deere writes regularly on her blog and is available on social media which allows me to learn about the latest featured Lime Crime products.

Just recently, Lime Crime began to offer hair dye that matches the colorful makeup. The vibrant hair dye colors includes pink, purple. lavender, grey, green, blue, orange and multi-colored. I am able to wear non traditional colors on my face and head. Doe Deere recommends eye, lip, and blush colors to match all the hair color options for clients as suggestions for individuals who do not know what to choose.

I am big on animal rights, so it was important for me to use makeup that is vegan free and not tested on animals. One reason that I began using Lime crime was that I read that the products were cruelty free. I can use Lime Crime knowing that the founder not only has banned the use of ingredients that come from animals. but also tests the products on herself. In fact, Doe Deere claims to wear her makeup first before the products are sold to the public in order to connect with her products and customers.

I recommend Lime Crime because it has products that are different, help me make a statement, and are created by a women who cares about her clients and animal rights. Deere also treats her staff well, which I feel is commendable.

Gondola Service The Latest Plan From Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth

Squaw Valley is one of the most historic and respected ski resorts in the U.S. and is largely credited with bringing European style resort living to the U.S. In recent years, Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has been looking to expand the resort to attract more visitors to the Lake Tahoe area. Powder Magazine reports an agreement has been reached between Andy Wirth and local landowner Troy Caldwell to allow a gondola to be constructed between the two most iconic ski resorts in the area of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

Andy Wirth has been looking for ways of attracting new visitors to the area since he arrived at the legendary resort in 2010. Soon after his arrival Squaw Valley Holdings purchased the nearby resort of Alpine Meadows and prompted Wirth to push for closer ties between the two resorts. The development of the area was stalled in October 2013 when Wirth was seriously injured in a skydiving accident that threatened his life; since recovering from his many injuries Andy Wirth has become an even more active member of the Lake Tahoe business and leisure communities.

Showing the determination that led him to the top of the leisure resort management industry Andy Wirth has returned to almost full fitness and now completes triathlons in aid of injured Navy Seals. The long career he has developed as a resort manager in North America and the Caribbean has allowed Wirth to take on many roles within the Lake Tahoe business community in a bid to create a thriving and stable economy.
The gondola plan will soon be submitted to the U.S. National Parks Service and the local Placer County government. In its current form the two resorts operated under the control of Andy Wirth are a short drive from each other, but the construction of a gondola would allow skiers and snowboarders to come and go as they please as they enjoy the Winter and Summer activities in the area.The Squaw Valley Holdings Website is calling for local support to push through the plans in a bid to add jobs and funds to the economy of the region.