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University of Sydney Enlisting Wikipedia as Part of the Curriculum

For those still finishing their academic life the use of Wikipedia for a source material for a paper is generally considered off-limits. While it’s a great place to read up on the entirety of what it is that you need to write on, citing it as a source is not accepted by most major universities. However, there is one university that has taken the opposite approach, the University of Sydney. While most U.S. universities are assigning papers with primary and secondary sources the University of Sydney sees that leveraging the mass readership on Wikipedia is a better feedback system then the traditional teacher leaving specific notes and comments. Therefore the university has decided to let their students make a Wikipedia page rather than write term papers.

The Chair of the English Department at the University of Sydney noticed that some students didn’t even bother to pick up their corrected papers to read the comments and suggestions that the professors had made while grading the papers. Dr. Rebecca Johinke stated, “We don’t want to waste our time writing long-winded comments that may not ever be read and instead want to provide useful feedback that students understand and appreciate.” “That feedback doesn’t always need to come from their teacher, but it can and should also come from their peers and others. There is value in having an audience of more than one.” Wikipedia being the 7th most visited site on the internet can certainly provide her students with that opportunity.

However, if writing a paper the traditional way is too difficult, learning the submission rules and guidelines for Wikipedia submission is yet another full-time education. Wikipedia requires formatting and syntax in exact specifications in order for a page to be published or edited. This is why there is an increase in the number of Wiki editors for hire available. Get Your Wiki is one of the better choices for consumers to make when deciding to hire Wiki experts. Their Wikipedia writing company will do a complete write-up and verify the information in order to do Wikipedia business page creation that is executed for submission and publication to Wikipedia. Having one’s own name or business found on an authority site such as Wikipedia can gain instant credibility with prospective employers or customers.

Because all the information in a published Wikipedia page is verified, prospects can rest assured once they read about a business that what they are reading on Wikipedia is true because there are Wikipedia editors that will update a Wikipedia page any time the information is inaccurate or out of date. Currently, Wikipedia reached 500 million unique visitors and 18 billion page views every month. No other site can boast those sorts of numbers, so clients building their own pages have the opportunity to be seen billions of times every month. Using a service to hire Wiki editors to ensure your pages are published, such as Get Your Wiki can place one’s business in the esteemed company of major corporations already outlined on Wikipedia.