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Public Housing Good Enough for Venezuelan President

President Maduro spoke out against the National Assembly last week in support of thousands of Venezuelan protesters who are against the privatization of the housing projects in which they dwell.
The Great Venezuelan Housing Mission (GMVV) was originated during the last president’s term to offer housing to flood survivors and is now one of the pillars of President Maduros platform to help stave off the housing crisis. As it stands now according to David Osio the tenants of the housing project have permanent leasing of their residency, but are unable to sell their properties.

The National Assembly (AN) is attempting to make it possible for the residents of the apartments to sell their properties, which is causing turmoil for the residents of GMVV as they do not want to be pressured to sell. “More than a million houses would be in jeopardy to the financiers” says Osio

President Maduro was heard bragging to the press about the construction of the apartments, stating that he would soon be moving into one with his wife.