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Donna Mills Leads The “Queens Of Drama” Into Production

The “Queens Of Drama” is about much more than just waring stars of soap operas joining together to make a new prime time drama; this scripted reality show is also designed to reveal just how talented the actresses involved are in all areas of their careers. Some of the best known actresses of the soap opera genre who have appeared from the 1980s onwards in well loved shows can be found in “Queens Of Drama”, which provides action, drama, and a little nostalgia for those who are looking to find out what happened to their favorite drama stars.

Hunter Tylo spent most of the last 25 years performing in “The Bold and The Beautiful” and has only recently departed the show for a new career in the reality TV genre. Other stars have been seen far more often on our screens in different roles, but still made a major mark on the soap opera genre; for example, Crystal Hunt brings something of her roles in “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live” to her performance in “Queens Of Drama”. Hunt also brings her many business and media production skills to the reality genre to make herself an important part of the cast and production company formed to create a new prime time drama.

IMDb reports Crystal Hunt has much to offer the production company formed for “Queens Of Drama”, including her time spent as an executive producer on the “Talbot County” movie. The former Disney star has spent a large amount of her adult life working in different movie roles, but also expanded her horizons into different areas of business. The Florida native has developed her own business brand for a pet boutique owned and operated by Crystal Hunt and managed from her Facebook, in Clearwater, Florida.

The “Queens Of Drama” cast immediatelty showed their own business skills and experience of the entertainment industry when they developed a strategy for making sure their production company is a success. The all female cast decided a name with star power should be found that was quickly identified as former “Knot’s Landing” and “General Hospital” star Donna Mills. The now head of the production company works with the cast mdembers in writing, casting, and producing a new prime time drama to relaunch the soap opera in the U.S.  There’s a lot of information about the actresses online, Crystal Hunt in particular has a highlight reel on YouTube.