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Securus Technologies National Survey

Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies that provide criminal and civil justice technology solutions to public safety, correction, investigation and monitoring facilities. The company has made a lot of progress since it was started many years ago, and this has made it be recognized in many platforms in the country.

Just recently, the institution announced the results of a certain national survey that was conducted in the company’s state of the art technology facility. According to the survey that is believed to have followed all the right procedures, more than half of all the correctional facilities have been focusing on updating their technology and also expanding the services they offer in the year 2016. The main aim of the change is to make sure that there are more productivity, inmate satisfaction, and even profitability with their inmate phone calls systems.

The national survey had more shocking revelations too. A bigger 56% of the institutions revealed that they were planning to update the technology they were currently using. Another fifty-five percent claimed that expanding the services in their facilities was an important and key strategy in the New Year. A little percentage of 15 claimed cutting costs was their main goal of success as the year progressed. The respondents were being allowed to choose more than one answer to the questions asked during the survey.

In the recent past, most budgets from the facilities have been under pressure, and this made the leaders of the facilities to be focused on improving the productivity, safety and even the success of the correctional facilities. According to Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer for Securus Technologies, this has been the trend in the year 2016. He, however, promises that there is some good news to rejoice about. According to the CEO, the research had clearly indicated that there are good opportunities for the agencies and they could automate their operations, and this was a good way freeing up the operational cost in the correctional facilities, and this would in return improve the inmate satisfaction.

Securus is a leader in communication facilities in most correctional institutions based in America. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it has expanded its services in the recent past. The company has proven to be one of the best in the industry, especially after introducing facilities like video communication for the inmates and their loved ones. The company also has a technology center that is also out of this world that ensures that the needs of all the clients are met.

Securus Technologies is not partnered with the health supplement used for pain relief and to null anxiety called Securus nor is it a part of the site Securus America.