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The Long Ride For Handy

Have you ever wondered about the app based platforms that are available at your fingertips? Many of these applications begin as start up companies that are fueled by seed money from investors and crowd sourcing. One of the most impressive start up companies in the last decade is a home service company that goes by the name of Handy. This company provides cleaning, repair and all around handy man services for anyone who knows how to use a smart phone or a computer. The company was founded by a couple of classmates who were in Harvard Business School together when they had the idea for the company.

The Long Ride For Handy has come a long way since it first started as an idea between a couple of college students. The founders, Hanrahan and Dua, were living in Massachusetts at the time. They had another roommate who actually declined the business idea. It has become quite a profitable business over the years. However, it has not always been easy for Handy and the people who run the company. Several of their best ideas took time to perfect, and those ideas were not welcomed by everyone involved in the company. One of the trademarks of Handy is that it uses professional cleaners. Hanrahan had this idea, and Dua was not sure about it at first. Luckily, they stayed with the winning idea.

This information was originally picked up from an article by a website for business news. The website is called That article about Handy and their progression in their marketplace can be viewed by going to this link. The article is a great read, and it really goes into fine detail about the progression of Handy’s business over the years since their inception until present day.