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SKOUT and Laughter, a Powerful Mix

Laughter is the best medicine, we say, and Plato said that even the gods love jokes. But, apparently, laughter can help you make more friends.

SKOUT the largest global platform for meeting new people, examined its members’ profiles and found that those who share a photo of themselves laughing are favorited a whopping 404% more than the average user, and they make 324% more connections. This would be a hilarious set of statistics if it weren’t so amazing.

Laugh and the whole world of social media laughs with you.

Christian Wiklund, SKOUT’s CEO said, “It was surprising for us to see the impact laughter has in a photograph.”

Other SKOUT studies reveal more amusing and instructive things about ourselves. Most people view themselves as funny (75%). And hardly anyone prefers laughing alone. 94% of us enjoy making others laugh and those who employ slapstick get the biggest kick out of causing laughter.

Potty humor is not to be pooh-poohed as practical jokers who excel in the brand are the most likely to have five or more close friends. Least likely to have close friends are the sarcastic and those who put themselves down in their jokes. Apparently, defecation is funnier than deprecation.

How do clowns fare? Not well. 30% of people surveyed are afraid of clowns, a bad sign for a creature whose soul purpose is to make people laugh.

Women who participated in the survey revealed some of the most interesting insights. Ladies love to laugh. No wonder most women’s dating profiles contain the phrase “Must have a good sense of humor.” The survey revealed that the comedy genre trumped all other genre’s among women surveyed, 26% of women preferring comedy, 23% preferring action and adventure, 21% preferring horror, while only 18% prefer romantic films. It seems that chick flicks are comedies.

SKOUT conducted its survey March 11-17 of this year, just in time to release its results for National Humor Month. The survey is packed with statistics. To see more of them, check out the SKOUT Blog.

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