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TOWN Residential Runs the Show in NYC

Real estate is buzz worthy subject in New York City. People from a lot of different parts of New York are going to be thrilled about the possibilities that are available. Most people know about certain cities in the area, but TOWN Residential is a company that has given them the ability to see a lot of different properties. There are homes for sale and others for rent. TOWN has given people the ability to make better decisions TOWN gives people access to all the options.


There are some fine homes in Manhattan, and TOWN Residential has leasing options that are available for clients as well. The lofts are pretty popular, and TOWN has some of these properties listed on the website. There are also other properties for rent and sale. People that may be considering moving to the city may be able to check out the website to get their first glimpse of properties before they move. There are more than 14,000 rental properties on the TOWN Residential website.


It is great to have a company like this because TOWN is more than a one dimensional company that has a lot of the same cookie cutter properties. To the contrary, TOWN Residential has a lot of different properties. This has become the type of realty company that has a lot of interesting homes that are all different. This is what makes so many people take interest in what TOWN is bringing to the table.


Letting people know about good real estate opportunities is something that TOWN Residential has been able to do with great efficiency. This is a company that has managed to stay on top of the hottest new developments. This company has also managed to provide a lot of information to clients that are looking for a buying or selling guide. There is always an influx of clients that are going out and moving into the city. TOWN Residential plays a big part in facilitating these changes. This is the company that helps those that want to sell. It also helps those that want to buy properties.


There are a lot of people that are interested in moving to places like Tribeca, Soho, East Village, Lower East Side and the Financial District. There are so many areas and so many properties to consider. It can be quite a task to go through all the different listings. It is going to be much better to simply take the time to acquire an agent like Blake Smith, Anna Fox, Kim Rose or Nicole Manners to help with the bountiful listings. There are lots of agents that can show people home, but TOWN is one of those rare agencies that has agents that are concerned about customers. They want their clients to have choices, but they are going to do the homework to help clients narrow down the choices. This is what a good real estate agent does, and that is why people love to explore homes with TOWN Residential.

A Glimpse Inside New York City’s Real Estate Selling Boom

The New York Post released an interesting piece on the rising and record setting prices real estate in New York City apartments for sale is being bought and sold for. According to the article, 2015 was a banner year for real estate in the city. For Example, a single penthouse in Extell Development’s One57 in Midtown sold for an astonishing $100.47 million. This particular skyscraper is a favorite spot for billionaires from all over the world to call home. This particular sale is at the pinnacle of record shattering real estate deals for 2015.

Co-ops have also seen amazing success in sales for the city. Manhattan is home to many extravagant co-ops, which have also been setting records in last year’s real estate boom. Along with the co-ops, Manhattan, which has always been known as an expensive, upscale New York City neighborhood, was breaking even more records with sales of townhouses and condos. Brooklyn, another famous neighborhood in New York, has been the focus of increased popularity. More people are wanting to live in the famous New York neighborhood, but they are seeking residential property there. This hasn’t changed Brooklyn’s ability to break records just because the market there is for people seeking houses. Brooklyn was able to set a record for the the most expensive sale for a standard piece of residential property in an area known as Cobble Hill.

A chief executive at Core, a brokerage firm, has stated nearly every record for sales of property has been broken. The records of 2015 and previously unbroken records are expected to also be broken as more properties catering to the extremely wealthy, such as billionaires, are being developed in the city. These properties for the top elite in the world have been called billionaire bunkers, and these billionaire bunkers being developed are becoming magnets for the richest people in the world to call New York City home.

In the new real estate boom in New York City, Town Residential has attracted many new clients with its superb customer service and skilled staff. Town Residential is a firm specializing in all facets of real estate in the city.

The firm offers an experienced staff skilled in areas, which will leave its clients wanting for nothing. Town Residential offers assistance for those interested in buying, developing, selling and even renting property. The firms comprehensive website,, is thorough in the details of the business, and it offers all necessary contact information.