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TOWN Residential Runs the Show in NYC

Real estate is buzz worthy subject in New York City. People from a lot of different parts of New York are going to be thrilled about the possibilities that are available. Most people know about certain cities in the area, but TOWN Residential is a company that has given them the ability to see a lot of different properties. There are homes for sale and others for rent. TOWN has given people the ability to make better decisions TOWN gives people access to all the options.


There are some fine homes in Manhattan, and TOWN Residential has leasing options that are available for clients as well. The lofts are pretty popular, and TOWN has some of these properties listed on the website. There are also other properties for rent and sale. People that may be considering moving to the city may be able to check out the website to get their first glimpse of properties before they move. There are more than 14,000 rental properties on the TOWN Residential website.


It is great to have a company like this because TOWN is more than a one dimensional company that has a lot of the same cookie cutter properties. To the contrary, TOWN Residential has a lot of different properties. This has become the type of realty company that has a lot of interesting homes that are all different. This is what makes so many people take interest in what TOWN is bringing to the table.


Letting people know about good real estate opportunities is something that TOWN Residential has been able to do with great efficiency. This is a company that has managed to stay on top of the hottest new developments. This company has also managed to provide a lot of information to clients that are looking for a buying or selling guide. There is always an influx of clients that are going out and moving into the city. TOWN Residential plays a big part in facilitating these changes. This is the company that helps those that want to sell. It also helps those that want to buy properties.


There are a lot of people that are interested in moving to places like Tribeca, Soho, East Village, Lower East Side and the Financial District. There are so many areas and so many properties to consider. It can be quite a task to go through all the different listings. It is going to be much better to simply take the time to acquire an agent like Blake Smith, Anna Fox, Kim Rose or Nicole Manners to help with the bountiful listings. There are lots of agents that can show people home, but TOWN is one of those rare agencies that has agents that are concerned about customers. They want their clients to have choices, but they are going to do the homework to help clients narrow down the choices. This is what a good real estate agent does, and that is why people love to explore homes with TOWN Residential.

Greg Hague’s Maverick Real Estate: Be Different From Everybody Else

Greg Hague, founder of Real Estate Mavericks real estate coaching, is an American businessman, lawyer and real estate consultant. He’s best known for his passion for shaking things up in the real estate industry. Greg’s real estate coaching company “Real Estate Mavericks”, with Greg as a coach teaching agents to break free from conforming to traditional roles agents use for listing homes and earning business.

Real Estate Mavericks focuses on building excitement and demand before front-loading the home marketing effort. He has developed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan as the initial steps in a better direction. The agent is taught how to differentiate from the marketplace and be an extraordinary realtor and how to stand out from everybody else. He teaches in his course that by using the right processes, the right strategies, doing the right thing and selling the for more than its worth. What seller can resist if you can sell their homes for 4% more.

Time is the essence to the price of a home, before it declines in value, Greg Hague has a powerful selling strategy that he compresses in 29 days. Hague offers a valuable tip that sellers should trust and like you before they list the house with you. He creates a personal brochure for the seller before the appointment so they get to know him, his family and kids, and his values in that brochure and a lot of recommendations in that brochure, all this is delivered with unique personal gifts. He will then make an appointment with the prospective seller and when he gets there, the seller will usually thank him for the personal gifts delivered and talk about their values. During the walk-through, he drip feeds his presentation in a natural way, he takes copious notes of the house, to prepare to sell the home in a diligent way, the seller seeing this will usually hand him the listing. He says it is the agents’ job to sell the house as aggressively as they can with a tangible story, obviously with the facts and buyers always love to know the seller’s motivation.

One of the important tips to agents is to relay to their prospective buyers as much detailed information about the neighborhood such as schools, neighbors, or the community they could live in, so the buyers get a vivid picture in their minds and eventually want to buy quickly with the notion they are getting the best deal before it goes pubic, and will usually end up buying at the higher listed price.

As Greg Hague points out, the old method of selling home is so outdated, he wonders why the system is not yet sophisticated. He provides a personal experience, by using non-traditional strategies into a traditional business. He is a game changer in the real estate industry.

Greg Hague is also the bestselling author of ” How Fathers Change Lives’. These are real life short heart-warming stories with testimonials about real Dads with real hearts.

An Insight on Real Estate Industry in NY

New York real estate from Town Residential  was booming in the month of September, especially multifamily residence. Ariel Property Advisors puts the total dollar volume to be approximately $1.7 billion. This was a 97 percent increase in volume as compared to the month of August, although the sales decreased by 5 percent on yearly basis. On a report released on The Real Deal, New York City saw 134 building being sold across 60 deals, which is an increase of 58% and 25% respectively as compared to previous months. The experts said that prices exceeded their expectations as well as investors’ appetite for real estate with scale, and as such, they forecasted increase in investment sales volume in the last quarter of 2015.

Manhattan did not perform well in the outer boroughs, but notable sales were made where Fairstead Capital and Blackstone Group purchased 24-building Caiola for $90 million. On the other hand, the submarket transacted deals with gross sales of $1.1 billion, which represented 67 percent of the dollar volume in the city. Manhattan experienced an increase of dollar volume of 324 percent from August, and 58 sales, a 480 percent increase in building volume.

In Queens, multifamily sales recorded the lowest volume, with eight buildings across four transactions. The borough attracted sales volume of $15.1 million for the month of September. In Bronx, there was a decrease in sale of building, dollar volume and transactions. The owner of Panthers, Vincent Viola, spent $35 million for a 12-storey apartment in Brooklyn Heights, which pushed the dollar volume in this city to $200.6 million. The city recorded sales of 25 buildings and 20 transactions.

About TOWN Residential

TOWN Residential is a leading real estate firm in New York City that specializes in luxury properties. The firm was founded in 2010 by the Chief Executive Officer and co-chair Andrew Heiberger. TOWN focuses on sales, leasing and marketing of luxury residential as well as property development. TOWN Residential is recognized for its top class services that have created new standard of performance within NYC real estate industry.

TOWN Residential the most skilled and experienced team of professionals in the industry. The firm has won many accolades as a result of its unique culture which is highly appreciated by all stakeholders in the industry. TOWN Residential has established independent divisions to conduct market research, branding and advertising in order to improve its efficiency.