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Securus Technologies: Connecting Worlds

Securus Technologies is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the United States today. However, they are serving a different group of customers and clients – their main business partners are correctional facilities and the ones who are using their services are the prisoners. Securus Technologies has been in the business for years, and they managed to transform the prison communication industry by showing how innovation and development can be integrated to the communications system inside the prison. Other companies followed suit, but Securus Technologies remain as one of the most reliable prison communication companies out there.


The company began service prisons in the United States, as they partnered with state penal colonies for their communication needs. As time went by, the Canadian government has also sought their services. They are now operating in most of the United States and Canada, and the level of service that they provide to the prisoners is exceptional. Securus Technologies offers a variety of services, including video calling services, voice calling services, and voice mail. They also have other products being sold through their website, but the video calling services gets most of the demand.


Because of this, the company installed several kiosks inside the correctional facilities to serve as a terminal to use the service. Prisoners are able to call their loved ones outside, and because of the patented video calling technology that Securus Technologies has, the speed of connection between two parties are exceptional. According to the prisoners, this is the fastest video calling technology that they experienced. Securus Technologies is all for the innovation and development of the correctional facilities they serve, and according to the company, some state penal colonies are also considering removing the traditional face to face visits, in favor of the fast video calling technology that they developed. However, this petition is still under review.


Securus Maintains Reputation Through Summer

Securus Technologies maintained their great reputation throughout the summer months. They did this in several different ways. First and foremost, Securus Technologies was able to establish their service in thousands of more prisons throughout the United States. This has helped thousands and thousands of inmates receive a tablet right in their cell. They are able to send emails to family members and friends all day long, and they are also able to apply for jobs, which they can attend on a work-release program.


This summer, Securus Technologies also hosted fund raisers in hundreds of cities throughout the United States. These fundraisers promoted Securus Technologies and raised money for the city. Securus Technologies knows how the world is hurting today. That is why another accomplishment they made this summer was lowering their prices. Inmates and their loved ones can now make calls at lower rates than usual.


All of the great accomplishments made by Securus Technologies can be confirmed by the positive reviews left on their websites from inmates and the unincarcerated alike. These reviews discuss how advanced the technology has come since Securus Technologies was introduced to America. A lot of inmates rave about feeling so close to their children since they are able to email them hour by hour and minute by minute. This is especially true in certain states where all the federal prisons are out in the middle of nowhere. It is usually impossible for inmates to get even two visits a year when they are so far from their family members and friends.