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Interest in Premium Quality Dog Food Rising

When it comes to dog food, an increasing number of consumers are opting to choose brands that provide superior nutrition for their pets. Manufacturers of pet foods are listening to dog owners who express an interest in giving their dogs a fine dining experience as opposed to just buying whichever food is the cheapest without paying much attention to quality. This explains why brands such as Beneful are seeing their sales numbers grow every year. Beneful offers a full lineup of dog food, including dry food, wet food and treats. They have always been a brand that emphasizes quality and have invested a lot of time and money in research to create foods that give dogs the nutrients they need to stay healthy and that also contain the natural flavors that they love to eat. Purina Beneful products on twitter contain ingredients such as real beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, bacon or salmon to provide superior taste and nutrition. The brand avoids using artificial flavorings and colorants, as dog owners are now looking for food that is organic and wholesome. This is similar to recent trends in human food, where an increasing number of individuals pay closer attention to what they eat. The only additives in their foods are vitamins and nutrients that have been shown to offer plenty of health benefits for dogs, such as helping them maintain a healthy coat and teeth. Premium dog food used to be considered a luxury product that only accounted for a small fraction of all Purina Store pet food sales. But since 2009, sales have gone up in a surprising way. Premium dog food now makes up to over half of the total market and has sales of $10.5 billion in the US alone. A Daily Herald report shows that both startups and big brands are now cashing in on this trend. Highly innovative pet food products are appearing in stores, such as frozen gourmet dishes for dogs and Paleo diets that aim to mimic what a dog’s wolf ancestors were eating in the wild for optimal health.