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Reputation Management Software Vetted By 1,400-Consumer Survey

Recently published a bit of writing concerning new reputation management software for retailers of durable goods who operate independently. On August 23rd, 2016, it was announced RWS (Retailer Web Services) would release an industry-specific reputation management platform. This announcement happened at the launch of WebFronts Review, the title of the software, which took place at the Fall National Convention of Mega Group USA. After an exceptional keynote address that familiarized onlookers with the topic, WebFronts Review was presented in detail, including core tenants of the new software’s functionality.

According to, it appears the chief advantage of RWS’ new software is the ability to take hold of potential power which rests in positive reviews. There has been a marked increase in the visibility of online reviews, which makes this measure all the more effective–at least that’s what Jennie Gilbert, the COO of RWS, seemed to indicate in recent remarks. The data recommending reviews as a source of reputation-increasing power comes from a survey of 1,400+ consumers. The survey concerned the use of online reviews as a means of making shopping decisions. Results gave RWS reference points to design its software, which now operates under several industry “best practices”. These practices include Monitoring review sites, Alerting retailers of new reviews, Responding to those reviews with crafted responses designed such that either positive or negative reviews may be catered to, Soliciting feedback post-purchase from customers automatically, and Sharing good reviews on social media automatically via their software.

RWS was founded roughly ten years ago in Arizona, and has been continuously providing exceptional solutions in Reputation Management Software throughout that time. As social media increasingly begins to dominate everyday life, this kind of technology is likely to become more prevalent. Even Jennie Gilbert of RWS acknowledges that refraining from getting involved with some form of reputation management software is a bad idea. Beyond growth opportunities, reputation management software provides competitive advantage. As a result it is quickly becoming the modus operandi of businesses optimizing their social media content. Given the ubiquity of its spread, this new digital defense strategy definitely has strong believers.