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Results Of FreedomPop Expansion In The UK

News About FreedomPop’s Expansion Efforts

If you are staying up to date on the latest and greatest phone service carriers on the market, then you should already be familiar with the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) called FreedomPop. This company is not like any other MVNO because they are dedicated to providing a free service to consumers instead of jacking up the price for existing consumers. Paying a phone bill can be a hassle, so FreedomPop founders thought they would solve this issue for so many people by developing their program that gives free usage to everyone in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The reason that FreedomPop is so successful is because they satisfy the needs of a wide variety of consumers who want to use a phone service without paying a fortune. They have a free plan that can be paired with a user’s existing wireless plan in order to help that user avoid getting high overage charges from their provider. They are now available in the UK after being so successful in the US. This is the first international expansion that FreedomPop has encountered so far, and the results seem to be going well so far.

FreedomPop Interviewed By RCR Wireless

One of the co-founders and the CEO of FreedomPop recently sat down for an interview with RCR Wireless for their weekly video segment called Carrier Wrap. The segment covers some of the latest news in the phone service industry. RCR Wireless decided to interview this MVNO about their latest expansion efforts since the company has recently launched in an international market. The CEO gave results that the turnover rate for free members in the UK upgrading is rising close to what it is in the US. The interview is linked here.