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Sanjay Shah Puts Autism Research Front And Center

Sanjay Shah is a retired British businessman whose youngest son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Autism is a nurobiological disease that is incurable and lasts a lifetime. It is also known for significantly affecting how a patient perceives the world around him and how that patient interacts and communicates with others. It is an extremely common condition as modern tests have shown and has been detected on average in one in every 68 children. Until his son was diagnosed with it Sanjay was involved in philanthropy but not in any organized fashion. As he puts it he had been sponsoring children for over 10 years through Plan International an established children’s organization formed in 1937 and dedicated to managing and developing the rights and protection of children worldwide. This was of course until Autism caught his attention.

Sanjay grew up in an affluent area of Central London until he was introduced to the world of finance. Initially, he took various positions at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and Rabobank, a Swiss firm until he started his own brokerage business, Solo Capital, in 2009. Sanjay Shaw’s brokerage house at that time was headquartered in London England and regulated by the laws of the United Kingdom. It was first incorporated in 20011 and was sometimes referred to as Solo Capital Limited and also as Solo Capital UK. The firm specialized in proprietary trading and consulting services along with investments in professional sports teams.

Because of his son’s Autism, Sanjay was introduced to and became involved in the Dubai Autism Center, a government-funded support facility for families with Autistic children. Because of the work they were doing, Sanjay got involved with them by paying for and donating several minibuses for the center to use in transporting their patient’s to therapy.

Soon after he bought the minibuses for the Dubai Autism Center, Sanjay decided that there was the potential to help autism research even more by putting together an organization to funnel charitable contributions for autism research from people he knew and others. These included colleagues, friends and even clients that he could talk to about funding research to better understand autism and affect a cure for this horrible disease. The organization that Sanjay formed was “Autism Rocks” a company that organizes musical events spotlighting world known musicians, singers and entertainers for the purpose of raising money for the Autism Research Trust and the Autism Research Centre based at Cambridge University.

Never a person to say no, Sanjay even invested over one million dollars of his own money into one of his first scheduled music events to raise money for autism research. This concert featured several famous English artists that included Joss Stone, an English singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to international fame in 2003 with her debut album and Elvis Costello, an English singer, and composer best known for his gifted songwriting ability.