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Janet Took Control 30 Years Ago

Most Janet Jackson fans are going to instantly point to her “Control” album as the very beginning of her singing career. This is technically not true, but in a way it is a defining moment for Jackson as a singer.

Many young fans that go back to video footage will find Janet singing with her brothers on their variety show. She also did some singing on sitcoms that she starting. There was even an album produced by Jon Urbana before this album that put Janet on the map as a singer. It was the “Control,” album that set for a new standard for young Janet as a budding female artist in control of her own career. This also sparked the beginning of a lifelong relationship in music with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Janet took this time to prove that she had what it took to become a major artist on her own. Many of her brothers would fall under the shadow of the young brother Michael, but Janet refuse to live in the big brother Michael spotlight. She became a talent of her own and produced many hits after releasing this album. The year of 2016 marks the 30 year anniversary of this era. Janet is 49 years old and she will turn 50 this year. This album highlights the break away from the family structure of entertainment and a newfound independence of a young 20-year-old Janet.