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Steve Murray’s Legacy Will Still Remain In The Life Of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital will not forget the impact that Steve Murray had in the company despite his demise. The firms acting president Breneman and its chairperson even recall how a business enthusiast Steve was. He was in his reference a terrific investor and also a great deal maker. Before his leaving the company he had made deals with numerous companies like Octagon Credit Investors and Crestcom International through sitting on the company’s board. CCMP Capital is sad about the passing of their hero Steve Murray and passes its condolences to the family of Steve Murray, who Murray loved and appreciated very much. Greg says that Steve has been very useful especially due to his private equity career path that he has been at all his entire career life. Apparently, Murray has had a great contribution to the firm even to its predecessors.

Steve Murray was the co- founder of CCMP capital alongside JP Morgan. He left the company after having health related complications one month before he passed on. Murray passed on at the age of 53 years according to wall street journal,  leaving his four children and wife. Murray’s career path has all through been in private equities, his first company to work with manufactured Hanover Corporation. Murray studied a degree in economics from Boston College and in 1989 he earned his master in business administration from Columbia business school. He was also an active board member of the Boston College and a great philanthropist. He participated in the council of the make a wish foundation an organization situated in metro New York, Murray’s legacy will remain in the life of CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a famous firm known globally for dealing with private equities. As of now over $16 billion is under its management since its establishment in 1984. CCMP Capital success is due to the strong partnerships it has had from the likes of Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover/JP Morgan and other partners. The firm established its own independence in 2006 when JP Morgan bought it. Steve Murray and JP Morgan cofounded CCMP Capital and before then it was famously known as Chase capital ventures. CCMP capitals continue to dominate the global market of private equities especially due to the heritage of the firm, a strong team of management, sole proprietary resources and deep industrial expertise.

The firm’s major ventures include consumers, industry, health care and chemicals.Stephen Murray CMMP Capital is the world class investment partner manned by the long time industry experience. The firm stability is a lifetime one thanks the strong foundational backgrounds from great leaders with great legacies. Steve Murray left the firm in a good state to bring more investors on board and help maintain the power of CCMP Capital in the private equity industry globally. All staffs at CCMP Capital send their condolences to Murray’s family.