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Latino Voter Issue Addressed By George Soros


The 2016 Presidential election has been described as one of the most important to be part of in a generation, but the words of some on the Republican side of the debate have been described as difficult to cope with and potentially racist. The New York Times reveals legendary hedge fund manager George Soros has been particularly concerned by some of the rhetoric used by Donald Trump with regard to people of the Muslim faith and immigrants from Mexico. In response to the issues raised by Trump and Soros the billionaire Democrat donor has put his financial backing behind the newly formed Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC created to bring new Latino and Asian voters to the Democrats for the election campaign.

George Soros believes in the right of every person to live under the rule of democracy, which led to the Holocaust survivor forming the Open Society Foundations charity; Soros began the charity in the 1980s when the Apartheid regime in South Africa was at its height. Soros formed his charity to provide educational opportunities for those who were denied their human rights by the South African government. The Open Society Foundations has since spread its work to various parts of Europe and Africa, but was recently banned from working in Russia after George Soros spoke out openly against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After the failure of John Kerry’s bid for the Presidency in 2004 despite a $200 million marketing campaign George Soros stepped away from the 2008 and 2012 campaigns; in 2012 Soros was reported to have provided a single $1 million donation. Soros stated in the New York Times that his decision to provide his $5 million donation was prompted by the call for Muslims to be banned from the U.S. by Donald Trump, and the same candidates use of the term “rapists and thieves” to describe Mexican immigrants. The call by Trump to build a wall across the border with Mexico and deport all undocumented immigrants has struck an angry chord in George Soros, who has also pledged a further $5 million to an important campaign to counter what are seen as discriminatory voting laws in a number of states.