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Beneful Has A Dog Food For Every Need

Beneful by PurinaStore has been making quality dog food for many years.Beneful Dog Food takes pride in supplying your dog with the highest quality dog food made with natural ingredients. They have many different types of food to choose from. There will be a type of dog food on Wal-Mart stores for every breed and every age.
Beneful original blend dog food Has antioxidants and complete nutrition. This dog food combines crunchy bits with tender pieces. Beneful Original combines vegetables such as peas carrots and spinach with real beef, chicken, and salmon to give your dog flavors he will love while getting all the nutrition he needs. Beneful Original Dog Food is great for healthy adult dogs.

Beneful healthy weight is made with real chicken. This lean dog food is calorie minded and will give your dog the complete nutrition that he needs while keeping the calories down. This dog food contains both crunchy morsels and tender pieces. Beneful healthy weight also includes vegetables such as carrots green beans and apples.

Beneful also makes a fantastic dry puppy food. This tasty calcium enriched dog food will give your puppy the nutrients along with DHA that he needs to be healthy and active. DHA is essential in a puppy’s diet because it supports vision development and healthy brain development. Beneful puppy food is made with peas, carrots, and real chicken.

Beneful playful life is full of nutrition and protein from eggs and beef to give your dog the energy he needs to have a healthy and active life. this tasty and nutritious dog food combines blueberries, spinach, egg, and beef.

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Your dog loves you, so give him a good life!

Everyone knows that health is a concern for the families of Americans, but how often do we consider the entire family? That’s right, I’m talking about man’s best friend, your dog. Well, and maybe the cat, too. Leading dog food companies are competing for the title of making the healthiest food. In fact, healthy dog food sales have climbed as much as 35% in recent times! The names being found here are names like Fresh Pet©, Cesar Home Delites©, and Blue Buffalo©. Are there other companies joining under this banner? Of course! Many small business are rallying for the battle, and can be read more in-depth here There is one company I would like to give special mention, and that company, of course, is Purina©. Beneful is a favorite at my house. My cocker spaniel is very picky about what she eats, but Beneful’s original recipe has been her favorite for many years. I find it reassuring that Purina uses real meat in its Beneful dog food. In fact, meat as the first ingredient is the first thing I look for in buying a dog food! One of the wonderful things being done by this corporation is the personalization of your pets dog food. Dos it not make sense that if humans need customized died, wouldn’t your pet? In fact, this personalization industry on Facebook had made more than ten and a half billion dollars since 2009. The stats speak for themselves. This is up an astounding 45%, and account for more than half the market currently. Purina© recently bought a smaller company that was producing a more natural food line with flavors like Pacific catch, and and game bird. With things like pet obesity on the rise, I think it just makes sense to feed that beloved family member well, too, don’t you?