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Thor Halvorssen Tirelessly Fighting Tyrants

Thor Halvorssen has become a media darling. His condemnation of Socialist governments in Latin America including Cuba and Venezuela have endeared him to the Republican Right in America to the point that Fox News included him on a program whose intention was to bash Bernie Sanders and his horde of supporters during the run-up to the Democratic Convention.

The intention of the Fox talking head was to use Halvorssen and his anti-socialist perceptions to condemn Sanders and his movement. The stage was set, but it turned out to be a trap for the Fox News interviewer as Thor Halvorssen sat well dressed at the interview table with only a Cheshire cat grin to give away his intentions.

Halvorssen turned the tables and said that he does not condemn all socialist governments only those that oppress the people. He added salt to the wound by saying that he supported Sanders and had given the largest donation allowable by law to his candidacy.

The Weekly Standard, a right-leaning magazine headed up by Bill Cristol is an intelligent news source that views Fox News for what it is and realizes its lack of depth of analysis.

Matt Labash was sent out into the field to do an in-depth interview of Halvorssen to try and discover who he really is. Halvorssen describes himself as a liberal in the John Stuart Mill tradition that is a liberal within a conservative tradition. LaBash discovered a great deal about Halvorssen.

He is from rich, powerful parents both politically involved, he is energized, dedicated, and well-spoken, and his approach to his work is on the level of fanaticism. His sexual preferences and favorite drink among many other items are discussed in this well-written article. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Crunchbase

After reading the article one comes away with respect for Halvorssen, who heads a foundation that fights oppressive regimes and governments around the world. He has opened many eyes to the great degree of oppression that exists in our world.