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Why I choose To Use Lime Crime Cosmetics

As a customer of Lime Crime, I love that the makeup line does more than mask my flaws, In fact, I am able to express who I am and how I feel by wearing Lime Crime cosmetics. The bright and bold color options are whimsical and allow me to use my imagination to create a striking look. I can use the vivid eye, lip, blush, and nails to enhance my wardrobe and stand out in the crowd. I can use matte colors or glittery colors depending on my mood for the day.

I am very impressed with Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She began the company with only a few hundred dollars and a dream. She began by selling fashion on eBay and decided she wanted to create a cosmetic line that featured candy colored shades. I support Lime Crime as a brand because I feel that it is important for women entrepreneurs to pursue their visions and create companies that are successful. Deere writes regularly on her blog and is available on social media which allows me to learn about the latest featured Lime Crime products.

Just recently, Lime Crime began to offer hair dye that matches the colorful makeup. The vibrant hair dye colors includes pink, purple. lavender, grey, green, blue, orange and multi-colored. I am able to wear non traditional colors on my face and head. Doe Deere recommends eye, lip, and blush colors to match all the hair color options for clients as suggestions for individuals who do not know what to choose.

I am big on animal rights, so it was important for me to use makeup that is vegan free and not tested on animals. One reason that I began using Lime crime was that I read that the products were cruelty free. I can use Lime Crime knowing that the founder not only has banned the use of ingredients that come from animals. but also tests the products on herself. In fact, Doe Deere claims to wear her makeup first before the products are sold to the public in order to connect with her products and customers.

I recommend Lime Crime because it has products that are different, help me make a statement, and are created by a women who cares about her clients and animal rights. Deere also treats her staff well, which I feel is commendable.