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How Does George Soros Use Political Contributions To Change The World?

George Soros is a billionaire financier who has made his political views known through his contributions. He recently gave $8 million to Hillary Clinton as described in Politico, and his contribution speaks to his larger worldview. This article explains how George Soros hopes to change the world by giving money to campaigns that need it most.
#1: Hillary Is His Pick

Hillary is George Soros‘ pick to become the next President of the United States, and George believes in her capacity for leadership. George is directly tying his belief in Hillary to the world economic situation. The economies of the world must be led by strong figures, and Hillary is someone that George believes can change the way other superpowers respond to crises.

#2: Global Leaders Must Do Their Part

George understands that money is needed to win political campaigns, and he wants to give to the people he believes have the best chance of getting elected. Someone who is elected properly has a strong voice in world affairs, and George believes that Hillary Clinton will call the European Union, China and other struggling economies to task for their policies. George also believes that Hillary will continue regulation of the economy in America that will prevent another loan crisis.

#3: Economic Conditions Are Not Improving

George believes that the global economy recovered in 2008 in part because Barack Obama was elected President, and he is hoping that Hillary Cinton’s election would produce a similar recovery. 2016 could be a rebound year for the world economy, but there is no way to know for sure. George does not just believe in the numbers on the market. He believes that only strong leaders inspire such growth, and George can point to historical Presidents and their policies as proof of his theories.

#4: Why Is George So Interested?

The world economy is under a great deal of strain, and he has heard from the Chinese and Europeans about their plans to make changes. George wants to have a US President who will force these entities to make changes, and he wants to work with a President who will take him seriously. George is popular in liberal circles because he believes in regulation and firm economic policies. He made his billion dollars the right way, and he wants to see proper policies enforced around the world.

There are many people who want to see Hillary Clinton elected President, and George Soros has donated $8 million to the cause. His donation furthers his desire to keep the economies of the world strongly-regulated, and he prefers to see his world leaders pushing each other to do the right things to avoid another meltdown like what happened in 2008.