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Talk Fusion Is The Award Winning Choice Everyone Needs

Talk Fusion is an award winning choice for communications that everyone should try because it is such a great way to approach communication over video. TF was created by Bob Reina because he wanted to advance how people used video communications, and he wants to be sure that he could bring it into the future. Video email was a part of the program that has made it very easy for people to stay in touch, and video email became something that helped people be sure that they could share their information in a simpler format.

Video conferencing and chatting is something that people need to be sure they are using to bring everyone together, and the conferences that are created all should be developed for a place of togetherness. That is why the office does not have to exist all in one place. Talk Fusion has received awards because of the fact that it brings people together on their computers at any time, and it streams the video with a much better quality than other services. It is the simplest way to make sure that people can talk, and it is easy for anyone to learn how to use.

There are many other reasons why someone can use Talk Fusion to do their work. Work becomes much simpler when people are using the system, and they can instantly create the kind of information that is needed to share with the people around them, and it is also important that these people remember that they can get back a lot of time they would lose trying to meet in the office.

Talk Fusion connects businesses and people easily. There are many who want to talk in a video email instead of typing. They can quickly work out their next message, or they can sit in a conference and share it with the group.

The Impact of Securus Technologies in the Inmate Communication Industry

The leading provider of technology solutions in the criminal justice and intelligence industry is none other than Securus Technologies. The company offers solutions for corrections, monitoring and investigations particularly in the United States. Recently, the company just announced the release of one of their most advanced ‘Big Data’ analytical tool to be used in the United States correction facilities. The product named THREADS 3.1, is an upgrade of THREADS 2.0 designed two years ago.

This new technology has an updated the user interface to the newest web-based technologies while at the same time retaining its powerful analytic capability. This redesign and update make THREADS easy to use for anyone with an improved system performance. According to news release by PR Newswire, the software platform is an upgrade from Silverlight to HTML 5 platform. This upgrade feature allow for direct integration with other software owned by the company for instance, SCP. This signal good news for the user as he/she can use existing Securus products alongside THREADS 3.1.

The new release also feature additional tools including the capability to listen to SCP calls within the platform, use of instantaneous guided analysis, context-sensitive reporting, navigational mapping and printing for customization. The company is offering the product release for free to clients with the previous version of the product.

About Securus Technologies

Securus is based in Texas [see,]. The company serves more than 1.2 million inmates in North America, roughly 3400 correctional facilities and a great deal of enforcement agencies. The company also offer support services concerning information management, emergency responses, incident management, monitoring of products and services among others activities that serve the make the world a better place.

Securus America Technologies offer a variety of technological products solutions categorized into investigative, incident management, emergency responses, biometric analysis, communication services, information management, monitoring, and inmate self-services products among others. Among its popular products include ConnectUs, Securus Voice Biometrics, Securus Video Visitation, Securus XCAD, THREADS, STOP BLU+ and Securus XMobile among many others.

The company has acquired a number of IT based firms in its quest of being the largest provider of techno0logical solution firms in the industry. Among the firm acquired include CellBlox, General Security Services Corporation, Telerus, Satellite Tracking of People and JLG Technologies among many others.

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Securus Technologies National Survey

Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies that provide criminal and civil justice technology solutions to public safety, correction, investigation and monitoring facilities. The company has made a lot of progress since it was started many years ago, and this has made it be recognized in many platforms in the country.

Just recently, the institution announced the results of a certain national survey that was conducted in the company’s state of the art technology facility. According to the survey that is believed to have followed all the right procedures, more than half of all the correctional facilities have been focusing on updating their technology and also expanding the services they offer in the year 2016. The main aim of the change is to make sure that there are more productivity, inmate satisfaction, and even profitability with their inmate phone calls systems.

The national survey had more shocking revelations too. A bigger 56% of the institutions revealed that they were planning to update the technology they were currently using. Another fifty-five percent claimed that expanding the services in their facilities was an important and key strategy in the New Year. A little percentage of 15 claimed cutting costs was their main goal of success as the year progressed. The respondents were being allowed to choose more than one answer to the questions asked during the survey.

In the recent past, most budgets from the facilities have been under pressure, and this made the leaders of the facilities to be focused on improving the productivity, safety and even the success of the correctional facilities. According to Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer for Securus Technologies, this has been the trend in the year 2016. He, however, promises that there is some good news to rejoice about. According to the CEO, the research had clearly indicated that there are good opportunities for the agencies and they could automate their operations, and this was a good way freeing up the operational cost in the correctional facilities, and this would in return improve the inmate satisfaction.

Securus is a leader in communication facilities in most correctional institutions based in America. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it has expanded its services in the recent past. The company has proven to be one of the best in the industry, especially after introducing facilities like video communication for the inmates and their loved ones. The company also has a technology center that is also out of this world that ensures that the needs of all the clients are met.

Securus Technologies is not partnered with the health supplement used for pain relief and to null anxiety called Securus nor is it a part of the site Securus America.

SKOUT and Laughter, a Powerful Mix

Laughter is the best medicine, we say, and Plato said that even the gods love jokes. But, apparently, laughter can help you make more friends.

SKOUT the largest global platform for meeting new people, examined its members’ profiles and found that those who share a photo of themselves laughing are favorited a whopping 404% more than the average user, and they make 324% more connections. This would be a hilarious set of statistics if it weren’t so amazing.

Laugh and the whole world of social media laughs with you.

Christian Wiklund, SKOUT’s CEO said, “It was surprising for us to see the impact laughter has in a photograph.”

Other SKOUT studies reveal more amusing and instructive things about ourselves. Most people view themselves as funny (75%). And hardly anyone prefers laughing alone. 94% of us enjoy making others laugh and those who employ slapstick get the biggest kick out of causing laughter.

Potty humor is not to be pooh-poohed as practical jokers who excel in the brand are the most likely to have five or more close friends. Least likely to have close friends are the sarcastic and those who put themselves down in their jokes. Apparently, defecation is funnier than deprecation.

How do clowns fare? Not well. 30% of people surveyed are afraid of clowns, a bad sign for a creature whose soul purpose is to make people laugh.

Women who participated in the survey revealed some of the most interesting insights. Ladies love to laugh. No wonder most women’s dating profiles contain the phrase “Must have a good sense of humor.” The survey revealed that the comedy genre trumped all other genre’s among women surveyed, 26% of women preferring comedy, 23% preferring action and adventure, 21% preferring horror, while only 18% prefer romantic films. It seems that chick flicks are comedies.

SKOUT conducted its survey March 11-17 of this year, just in time to release its results for National Humor Month. The survey is packed with statistics. To see more of them, check out the SKOUT Blog.

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