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How Does George Soros Use Political Contributions To Change The World?

George Soros is a billionaire financier who has made his political views known through his contributions. He recently gave $8 million to Hillary Clinton as described in Politico, and his contribution speaks to his larger worldview. This article explains how George Soros hopes to change the world by giving money to campaigns that need it most.
#1: Hillary Is His Pick

Hillary is George Soros‘ pick to become the next President of the United States, and George believes in her capacity for leadership. George is directly tying his belief in Hillary to the world economic situation. The economies of the world must be led by strong figures, and Hillary is someone that George believes can change the way other superpowers respond to crises.

#2: Global Leaders Must Do Their Part

George understands that money is needed to win political campaigns, and he wants to give to the people he believes have the best chance of getting elected. Someone who is elected properly has a strong voice in world affairs, and George believes that Hillary Clinton will call the European Union, China and other struggling economies to task for their policies. George also believes that Hillary will continue regulation of the economy in America that will prevent another loan crisis.

#3: Economic Conditions Are Not Improving

George believes that the global economy recovered in 2008 in part because Barack Obama was elected President, and he is hoping that Hillary Cinton’s election would produce a similar recovery. 2016 could be a rebound year for the world economy, but there is no way to know for sure. George does not just believe in the numbers on the market. He believes that only strong leaders inspire such growth, and George can point to historical Presidents and their policies as proof of his theories.

#4: Why Is George So Interested?

The world economy is under a great deal of strain, and he has heard from the Chinese and Europeans about their plans to make changes. George wants to have a US President who will force these entities to make changes, and he wants to work with a President who will take him seriously. George is popular in liberal circles because he believes in regulation and firm economic policies. He made his billion dollars the right way, and he wants to see proper policies enforced around the world.

There are many people who want to see Hillary Clinton elected President, and George Soros has donated $8 million to the cause. His donation furthers his desire to keep the economies of the world strongly-regulated, and he prefers to see his world leaders pushing each other to do the right things to avoid another meltdown like what happened in 2008.

Beneful Offers a Different Type of Dining Experience for Dogs

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in someone’s life. But at the same time it’s also one of the biggest responsibilities. And one of the most difficult aspects stems from the fact that dogs are living beings with as wide a variety of needs as any human being. But there’s one important difference. A dog can’t actually voice his wants and concerns in the same way a person can. So it’s up to a dog owner to know what his furry friend really needs. But thankfully there’s a lot of resources which can help a dog owner provide the best possible life for his pet. And one of the most important is dog food companies.

Some deserve a bit of extra praise and attention though. For example, Beneful is a company founded all the way back in 2001. And they were founded for a very specific reason. The company’s goal was to create dog food that could deliver the full benefits of a nutrient packed diet. They knew that people needed to eat well in order to feel their best. And the same holds true for dogs. But most brands of dog food weren’t really treating their products like actual food. Open up a bag of most dog food, even today, and it will look more like cereal than a nutritious meal. Beneful knew that they could do something different. And they proceeded to create specially formulated dog food which contained actual chunks of meat and vegetables.

Open up a bag of Purinastore’s Beneful brand dog food and it’s clear what it’s made with. If it’s chicken flavored, there will be chunks of chicken. The same with beef and any other ingredients. And of course there’s also a variety of healthy vegetables mixed in with them as well. It’s what’s made Beneful such a boon to dog owners. They’ve put a huge amount of work into devising the best possible dog food. And this ensures that dog owners can give the gift of health to their furry friends.


Atlanta Hawks to be sold to Antony Ressler Group for almost $850M

Antony Ressler, an entrepreneur, has reportedly agreed to buying the Atlanta Hawks basketball team for a price understood to be in the regions of $850 million. The sale is expected to be completed via cash as well as assumption of debt that the current owners had accrued according to sources. Steve Koonin, the CEO of Hawks and the coach Mike Budenholzer are also expected to remain part of the plans of the new ownership group that are long-term. The Coach confirmed that he was aware of the happenings but his focus remained on the Hawk’s Game 2 of its first round series pitting them against Brooklyn Nets.

He is also into real estate as a developer and had during last spring reached among the three finalists of Los Angeles Clippers when the latter was being sold. Their bid as a group of $1.2 billion was below the purchase price that was submitted by Steve Ballmer of $2 billion. Ressler, who is 55 years old was estimated by Forbes to having a net worth of $1.4 billion and he was part of the Mark Attanasio-led investment group that had in 2005 bought Milwaukee Brewers.

Hawks was valued at $425 million by Forbes last year but there were some changes to the market owing to the sales of Bucks and Clippers. This together with the landing of new lucrative television deals by the NBA made the values of the franchises to skyrocket. The Ressler-led group purchasing Hawks also includes Grant Hill (an NBA All-star), Rick Schnall (Clayton Dubilier & Rice partner), Sara Blakely (Spanx owner) together with her entrepreneur husband Jesse Itzler. The Hawks was put up for sale back in January.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is the Partner and co-founder at the United Communications Group (UCG). Levenson also owns the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. He co-founded ICG with Ed Peskowitz in 1977 and 27 years later he continues to drive on the company’s strategies in business. He also plays a chief role when it comes to the acquisition efforts of the firm. Before co-founding ICG, Levenson used to write for the Observer Publishing and the Washington Post. He also used to be one of the Directors at He has also served in the Board of Directors of the Electronic Publishers Association and the Newsletter. Levenson has also been the President of the Washington-based “I Have a Dream Foundation” and he is also involved in several other philanthropic efforts. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Washington University and also a Law Degree from the American University based in Washington DC.


Flavio Maluf Paving The Way With Eucatex

Before there was Eucatex there was the Americana Sawmill built in 1923 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. In 1951, it became known as Eucatex and as the first environmentally friendly company that tackled using eucalyptus as a raw material. During 1956 and 1965, Eucatex expanded and created offices in many other Brazilian capitals as well as Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their production was increased to 100 tons daily and soon they were exporting materials to Europe.

Near the end of the 1960s and entering the 1980s Eucatex paved a new path by expanding their offices across Europe and even North and Central America. They opened offices in Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom , the USA and Mexico. Eucatex was still dedicated to the use of raw materials so they supplied funding into reforestation so that there was a continuous supply. During this time they rolled out a new branch of the business. They would now produce paints. At the end of the 1980s they were exporting to more than fifty countries and all in the categories as follows: forestry, wood, metallic and mineral.

Eucatex welcomed the 1990s by establishing another factor in Salto, Brazil. They also began focusing on honing their paints line. Being sure to include not just paints but varnishes as well. As time moved on into the late 1990s, Eucatex was honored with receiving the ISO 9001 certification. This type of certificate ensures that a company has the stature to consistently produce quality products, meet consumer demand, has a quality management system, and meets regulatory requirements.

The year of 2011 is when Eucatex celebrated it’s 60th anniversary. They are a major manufacturer of wall partitions, laminate floors, doors, paints, varnishes, and many other noteworthy products.

All of this would not be possible without their wonderful CEO, Flavio Maluf. He has been CEO of Eucatex since 2005. Facebook shows that Flavio got his start in the industrial area but in 1996 his uncle, who was in charge of Eucatex, invited him to be one of the frame executives and in 1997 Flavio took over the family business as President of Eucatex. When Flavio took over he decided to revamp and modernize the management system of Eucatex. He considers himself a present executive but not the central figure of the company.

Camara Barbacena indicates that Flavio received his degree in mechanical engineering from the FAAP, Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, in Sao Paolo. He studied abroad at New York University in business. Later in 1986, he married Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres and they had three wonderful children. Some of who have followed in his footsteps and are studying engineering.  Flavio Maluf continues to talk about education, and it’s future in Brazil.

Janet Took Control 30 Years Ago

Most Janet Jackson fans are going to instantly point to her “Control” album as the very beginning of her singing career. This is technically not true, but in a way it is a defining moment for Jackson as a singer.

Many young fans that go back to video footage will find Janet singing with her brothers on their variety show. She also did some singing on sitcoms that she starting. There was even an album produced by Jon Urbana before this album that put Janet on the map as a singer. It was the “Control,” album that set for a new standard for young Janet as a budding female artist in control of her own career. This also sparked the beginning of a lifelong relationship in music with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Janet took this time to prove that she had what it took to become a major artist on her own. Many of her brothers would fall under the shadow of the young brother Michael, but Janet refuse to live in the big brother Michael spotlight. She became a talent of her own and produced many hits after releasing this album. The year of 2016 marks the 30 year anniversary of this era. Janet is 49 years old and she will turn 50 this year. This album highlights the break away from the family structure of entertainment and a newfound independence of a young 20-year-old Janet.

Interest in Premium Quality Dog Food Rising

When it comes to dog food, an increasing number of consumers are opting to choose brands that provide superior nutrition for their pets. Manufacturers of pet foods are listening to dog owners who express an interest in giving their dogs a fine dining experience as opposed to just buying whichever food is the cheapest without paying much attention to quality. This explains why brands such as Beneful are seeing their sales numbers grow every year. Beneful offers a full lineup of dog food, including dry food, wet food and treats. They have always been a brand that emphasizes quality and have invested a lot of time and money in research to create foods that give dogs the nutrients they need to stay healthy and that also contain the natural flavors that they love to eat. Purina Beneful products on twitter contain ingredients such as real beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, bacon or salmon to provide superior taste and nutrition. The brand avoids using artificial flavorings and colorants, as dog owners are now looking for food that is organic and wholesome. This is similar to recent trends in human food, where an increasing number of individuals pay closer attention to what they eat. The only additives in their foods are vitamins and nutrients that have been shown to offer plenty of health benefits for dogs, such as helping them maintain a healthy coat and teeth. Premium dog food used to be considered a luxury product that only accounted for a small fraction of all Purina Store pet food sales. But since 2009, sales have gone up in a surprising way. Premium dog food now makes up to over half of the total market and has sales of $10.5 billion in the US alone. A Daily Herald report shows that both startups and big brands are now cashing in on this trend. Highly innovative pet food products are appearing in stores, such as frozen gourmet dishes for dogs and Paleo diets that aim to mimic what a dog’s wolf ancestors were eating in the wild for optimal health.

Dr. Sergio Cortes breaks down symptoms of Zika virus.

Recently it has been discovered on NPR that in addition to dengue, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito has also been responsible for the transmission of two other types of viruses: the zika and the chikungunya. According to specialists, the symptoms of the three diseases are very similar to each other, being among the three of them: a high fever, body aches, in the eyes, muscles and red spots on the skin, says Dr. Sergio Cortes. With the appearance of these new viruses caused by the same mosquito, it’s very important to point out some ways to distinguish each disease. The symptoms that stand out in dengue compared to other diseases are the muscle pains and pain behind the eyes. Dr. Sergio Cortes still says that in order to clarify about the similarities between the symptoms of the zika virus and the chikungunya, nurse Bruno Del Guerra representing the Epidemiological Surveillance Itapetininga points to some signs as predominate according to each disease.

In the Zika what predominates is itching in the cup and the redness of the eyes. Yet, in chikungunya joint pains are rather intense. Despite microcephaly being associated with the current index in newborns, these dates are still being studied, becoming difficult to establish the gravity level of the Zika virus. The representative says that, on the other hand, in the case of dengue, hemorrhagic of the disease is known as one of the possible consequences, recalls Dr. Sergio Cortes. In addition, Guerra still emphasizes the importance of looking for medical assistance in case the appearance of symptoms may characterize some of these diseases. According to the nurse, notify Dr. Sergio Cortes, they are in progress studies in order to know if it’s possible that an individual guest can have more than one virus at the same time. Know that there are no antiviral or any type of medicine in order to resolve or prevent the disease. Sergio Cortes mentions that according to information from the specialist, the treatment for these diseases in phase of studies. For the time being, the treatment should be made with hydration via mouth to whey-based, or if necessary intravenously in health facilities. The hydration should be accompanied by complete rest for a minimum of five days to re-establish physical vigor. For nearly four years, the institute Butantan, in Sao Paulo work tentatively to create an effective antidote to combat the diseases. In the second stage of the research, the institute waits for the remedy to pass the third phase and is manufactured in the industrial scale, reports Sergio Cortes.

Greg Hague’s Maverick Real Estate: Be Different From Everybody Else

Greg Hague, founder of Real Estate Mavericks real estate coaching, is an American businessman, lawyer and real estate consultant. He’s best known for his passion for shaking things up in the real estate industry. Greg’s real estate coaching company “Real Estate Mavericks”, with Greg as a coach teaching agents to break free from conforming to traditional roles agents use for listing homes and earning business.

Real Estate Mavericks focuses on building excitement and demand before front-loading the home marketing effort. He has developed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan as the initial steps in a better direction. The agent is taught how to differentiate from the marketplace and be an extraordinary realtor and how to stand out from everybody else. He teaches in his course that by using the right processes, the right strategies, doing the right thing and selling the for more than its worth. What seller can resist if you can sell their homes for 4% more.

Time is the essence to the price of a home, before it declines in value, Greg Hague has a powerful selling strategy that he compresses in 29 days. Hague offers a valuable tip that sellers should trust and like you before they list the house with you. He creates a personal brochure for the seller before the appointment so they get to know him, his family and kids, and his values in that brochure and a lot of recommendations in that brochure, all this is delivered with unique personal gifts. He will then make an appointment with the prospective seller and when he gets there, the seller will usually thank him for the personal gifts delivered and talk about their values. During the walk-through, he drip feeds his presentation in a natural way, he takes copious notes of the house, to prepare to sell the home in a diligent way, the seller seeing this will usually hand him the listing. He says it is the agents’ job to sell the house as aggressively as they can with a tangible story, obviously with the facts and buyers always love to know the seller’s motivation.

One of the important tips to agents is to relay to their prospective buyers as much detailed information about the neighborhood such as schools, neighbors, or the community they could live in, so the buyers get a vivid picture in their minds and eventually want to buy quickly with the notion they are getting the best deal before it goes pubic, and will usually end up buying at the higher listed price.

As Greg Hague points out, the old method of selling home is so outdated, he wonders why the system is not yet sophisticated. He provides a personal experience, by using non-traditional strategies into a traditional business. He is a game changer in the real estate industry.

Greg Hague is also the bestselling author of ” How Fathers Change Lives’. These are real life short heart-warming stories with testimonials about real Dads with real hearts.

Russian College Targets George Soros


What Occured

A CNBC article reports that a total of 53 books that related to the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute charities of George Soros were burned by the Vorkuta Mining and Economic College in northern Russia. College libraries were also searched across the region for books that were associated with a project of these charities. In all, 427 books were found and confiscated for shredding as a result of this search effort. Russian news sources reported that a presidential envoy made a claim about the charities having directives that were foreign to Russian ideology.

Tension and Banning

Rising tension between George Soros and the Russian government along with a banning of his charities predated the book-burning incident. In July 2015, the Russian government associated the charities with other pro-democracy organizations that launch soft aggression against Russia, and the government hinted about banning all of these organizations.

In November 2015, the Russian government announced an official banning of the George Soros charities, as reported in a CNBC article. Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office reported in a statement that the Open Society charities would be put on a list of foreign non-governmental organizations that the Russian State deemed undesirable. In a translated statement, the Russian government reported the reason for this ban was that the charities posed a threat to the foundations of the Russian constitution and the security of the state.

The Open Society Charities

George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund investor who created the Open Society charities, which encompass a vast network of projects, partners, and foundations in over 100 countries worldwide. His efforts began in 1979 when he provided black South Africans under apartheid with college scholarships, reports the Open Society Foundations. Central to the operation of these charities are the core values of individual rights and governmental accountability. The charities provide assistance to lawyers and paralegals who represent unlawfully held individuals, and the charities help promising individuals pay for university, including refugees of armed conflicts and young people from marginalized groups. George Soros originally founded the Open Society charities to help countries transition from communism, but the charities currently engage in work related to establishing democracy throughout the world.

Shoe Style: Cutting Out the Middleman

Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson, two men who had their story covered by Bloomberg business, saw an opportunity in the shoe market when they discovered a big gap in the price range of men’s dress shoes. In 2012, they developed an idea that became a reality with help from Bertrand Guillaume, Saks Fifth Avenue Brands Director. The slogan “Cut out the Middleman” was all the rage in areas such as sunglasses or mattresses, so why not try it with leather shoes? There are three main qualities to look for when shoe shopping; style, color, and price. Normally, only two of the three are obtainable, but Nelson and Gerson sought to make all three a reality by selling the shoes straight from the source.

Paul Evans, founded by Ben Earley and Evan Fript in August of 2013, has also cut out middlemen. Earley and Fript moved to Italy to establish their product with only one goal in mind: to make sophisticated, comfortable shoes with the highest quality of materials at an affordable price. The company delivers straight from their hands to the customers. This process leaves no retail space for price markups of middlemen, resulting in a reduced price. How did they remove the middlemen you might ask? It’s simple. Sell online. Thanks to the internet, Paul Evans is able to sell luxurious, Italian footwear directly to consumers on a global scale.

Paul Evans high quality shoes are made directly in Naples, Italy, an area known for producing the finest shoes on the market. The factory uses the same quality of leather used by well-known fashion houses like Gucci. These two factors provide the important qualities of style and color, but unlike a company such as Gucci they provide it at a more affordable price. Big name companies sell their products for thousands of dollars, but Paul Evans products range from $200 – $500.

Not only does Paul Evans make very stylish men’s shoes, but also men’s boots and sneakers, as well as leather backpacks, briefcases, and belts with the same high quality material. The company has had tremendous success since it’s opening in 2013, and now enjoys six figures of revenue. It is with this success that the company continues to add new styles of shoes, and is even talking about expanding the business into the women’s shoe industry.