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The Long Ride For Handy

Have you ever wondered about the app based platforms that are available at your fingertips? Many of these applications begin as start up companies that are fueled by seed money from investors and crowd sourcing. One of the most impressive start up companies in the last decade is a home service company that goes by the name of Handy. This company provides cleaning, repair and all around handy man services for anyone who knows how to use a smart phone or a computer. The company was founded by a couple of classmates who were in Harvard Business School together when they had the idea for the company.

The Long Ride For Handy has come a long way since it first started as an idea between a couple of college students. The founders, Hanrahan and Dua, were living in Massachusetts at the time. They had another roommate who actually declined the business idea. It has become quite a profitable business over the years. However, it has not always been easy for Handy and the people who run the company. Several of their best ideas took time to perfect, and those ideas were not welcomed by everyone involved in the company. One of the trademarks of Handy is that it uses professional cleaners. Hanrahan had this idea, and Dua was not sure about it at first. Luckily, they stayed with the winning idea.

This information was originally picked up from an article by a website for business news. The website is called That article about Handy and their progression in their marketplace can be viewed by going to this link. The article is a great read, and it really goes into fine detail about the progression of Handy’s business over the years since their inception until present day.



Thor Halvorssen Tirelessly Fighting Tyrants

Thor Halvorssen has become a media darling. His condemnation of Socialist governments in Latin America including Cuba and Venezuela have endeared him to the Republican Right in America to the point that Fox News included him on a program whose intention was to bash Bernie Sanders and his horde of supporters during the run-up to the Democratic Convention.

The intention of the Fox talking head was to use Halvorssen and his anti-socialist perceptions to condemn Sanders and his movement. The stage was set, but it turned out to be a trap for the Fox News interviewer as Thor Halvorssen sat well dressed at the interview table with only a Cheshire cat grin to give away his intentions.

Halvorssen turned the tables and said that he does not condemn all socialist governments only those that oppress the people. He added salt to the wound by saying that he supported Sanders and had given the largest donation allowable by law to his candidacy.

The Weekly Standard, a right-leaning magazine headed up by Bill Cristol is an intelligent news source that views Fox News for what it is and realizes its lack of depth of analysis.

Matt Labash was sent out into the field to do an in-depth interview of Halvorssen to try and discover who he really is. Halvorssen describes himself as a liberal in the John Stuart Mill tradition that is a liberal within a conservative tradition. LaBash discovered a great deal about Halvorssen.

He is from rich, powerful parents both politically involved, he is energized, dedicated, and well-spoken, and his approach to his work is on the level of fanaticism. His sexual preferences and favorite drink among many other items are discussed in this well-written article. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Crunchbase

After reading the article one comes away with respect for Halvorssen, who heads a foundation that fights oppressive regimes and governments around the world. He has opened many eyes to the great degree of oppression that exists in our world.

EOS has the Best Marketing Plan for Lip Balm

The lip balm products that are marketed today are quite interesting. Most people probably never notice any of these products. It has a lot to do with the fact that Chapstick was so dominant for so long. People tend to just pick up something for their lips and go on their way. The Evolution of Smooth is changing though. People are noticing this product like never before, and organic lip balm is getting buzz.

The Evolution of Smooth has the commercials, and women are noticing these advertisements. This is something new and exciting. There are people that never thought about lip balm products that are giving some thought to the process of buying lip balm. They are taking the time to order lip balm online via Racked and ULTA ( This is something new and exciting for women that previously didn’t give thought to lip balm.

EOS is a company that has products like shaving creams and lotions. These products may get a little buzz, but the lip balm is getting a lot of attention on Pinterest social media. The Evolution of smooth is the type of company that has managed to get people talking about lip balm because this company is doing something different. This is the company that has made it possible for people to see lip balm in a different light.

More people are going to benefit from what EOS lip balm has to offer because this company has the safe ingredients. This company managed to add Shea butter and remove all the other harmful chemicals. Lots of people are not seeing that the Evolution of Smooth is the company that takes lip balm to another level. There have not been a lot of people that could do this, but the executives for the Evolution of Smooth have found a way to market lip balm.


A Black Card for Millennials Who Hate Boring Days

Are you a professional aged 21 to 35 who hates boring days? How do you fancy access to personalized special events and deals in New York City, Washington DC and other top cities on the East Coast? If experiences on Facebook such as access to private members-only concerts, tastings with notable chefs, and exclusive art previews at leading galleries sound rewarding, you should join Magnises.

Magnises Helps You Unlock Your City

Magnises is an all-around concierge brand offering members a bespoke set of cultural and professional experiences in the biggest cities on the East Coast. When you join Magnises, you get a personalized black card that does magic when you flash it.

You can link your personalized Magnises membership card to an existing credit card or debit card and use the black card as a payment tool. More importantly, your membership card can help you build the network of your dreams. Here are some of the perks that come with this prestigious black card.

Benefits of Being a Magnises Member

• Fantastic Nightlife

When you flash your membership card, you’re always a VIP. You get access to members-only evenings with zero hassle at the door. These exciting evenings come with secret performers or unique mixology nights at hidden speakeasies.

• Cultural Experiences

Magnises gives access to fashion shows, art galleries, theatrical performances, secret pop-ups and many other invigorating events. And you can get the best seat in the house to your preferred show!

• Sports

Your membership card allows you to get in on the action and from the best seats in the house. Every member gets tickets and VIP access.

• Live Events

The Magnises community have VIP access to exciting concerts, shows, private events and other must-attend live events. You will get tickets to sold-out live concerts, incredible discounts on Broadway shows, and private events with your favorite artists.

• Professional Growth

Magnises gives you the chance to make valuable connections. You can connect with other professionals at fireside chats and power meals with exceptional industry leaders on

• Fine Dining

Members get to sample sumptuous meals by award-winning chefs at unusual venues. If you’re a foodie, you will look forward to private dinner parties with amazing chefs and new restaurant openings. Foodie or no foodie, you will enjoy expertly prepared cocktails on the rooftops of luxury hotels.

• Wellness

Magnises makes it easy for members to be their best. Feel energized, toned and cleansed with activities that include intense spin classes and rooftop yoga. You may also receive complimentary drinks and snacks after your fun session.

• Travel

With Magnises Travel, members have access to the best hotels in the world. You get incredible offers on dining and accommodation. You also get other numerous benefits including early check-in, late checkout as well as priority room upgrades.

• Shopping

Magnises shoppers enjoy exclusive sales with leading brands, personal shopping opportunities with notable fashion stylists, and first glimpses into new lines. Whether you need a business casual or a black tie, Magnises fashion access ensures you’re on point whatever the occasion.

Magnises helps you unlock your city and world. You get access to experiences of your dreams at discounted prices, and you’re always a VIP. Make the world your oyster; get your Magnises black card today.

David Osio Enhances His Philanthropic Activities

David Osio is a financial advisor who strives to bring change in the world through his generous giving. His philanthropy has continuously targeted medical research, music, art, and community activities. For over twenty years, the financial expert has constantly partnered with several non-profit organizations. He is always interested in firms that have specialized in improving the lives of the people as well as culture and art in communities where his businesses operate.

Recently, David Osio embarked on expanding his philanthropic activities for charities on a global scale. Through his company, Davos Financial Group, David has notably supported MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra) each year. He is an active board member of MISO. He expresses his satisfaction when iconic foundations like MISO successfully carry out their operations year after year in helping communities deal with a given challenge.

David supports the medical research on diseases that affect children. He is a regular contributor to the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, which is an international foundation. He sponsors the foundation’s annual EPK events. David Osio hopes that fortunate members of the society can someday collaborate to raise resources towards addressing different community causes.

Over the years, David Osio has donated to the Fundana Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation and UMA Foundation. As a traditional art supporter, David Osio has also funded a Miami art foundation called Saludarte. Due to his active contribution to the community, David Osio has received several international awards and recognitions. This information was originally mentioned on Erie News Now as explicated in the following link

David Osio background

David Osio attended the Catholic University Andres Bello. Here, he pursued an Advanced Management Program. David studied International Banking Law at the esteemed Estudios Superiores de Administracion IESA. In 1981, he served as the president and CEO of OPED Enterprise. During this period, he had an executive post at LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES. In 1984, he decided to practice banking law. He joined MGO Caracas. Later, he occupied a top position in Banco Latino International, which is based in Miami. David was promoted to render his services as the vice president of Banking Commercial.

He started to build Davos Financial Group of companies in 1993. His first business provided financial advice to the clients. Under his leadership as the company’s CEO, David has worked effortlessly to ensure that each company offers tailor-made services to suit the diverse needs of its clients. Davos Finance Group is keen to maintain a sense of corporate social responsibility. To this end, the corporation has constantly collaborated with non-profit organizations to support and bring development in the community. Currently, all companies affiliated with Davos Financial Group are licensed and are in contract with major banks around the world. This information was originally mentioned on the Official David Osio’s website as highlighted in the link below

Why Lip Balm is Essential for Healthy Lips

Your lips are always exposed to the elements, so it only makes sense that you would choose a high quality lip balm to protect your lips from those elements. There are numerous brands to choose from, and they all have beneficial ingredients. How do you know which lip balm has the healthiest and safest ingredients? It may not be as much as about the ingredients as it is about what lip balm will work best for you.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, but you may not be treating it with the same amount of care as you do the other organs. Evolution of Smooth is one of the optimum choices with only organic ingredients, and it’s antioxidant rich. There are numerous lip balms on the market including EOS, along with Nivea that provide the essential ingredients for softness and nourishment for smooth looking lips.

Evolution Smooth also creates tons of fun flavors along with the natural ingredients, and it’s been tested by dermatologists to ensure that the combination of ingredients is just right. There is no petrolatum in the Evolution of Smooth, and it has continued to pick up great exposure in most every retail establishment where it is sold. These products can also be found on and online.


TOWN Residential Runs the Show in NYC

Real estate is buzz worthy subject in New York City. People from a lot of different parts of New York are going to be thrilled about the possibilities that are available. Most people know about certain cities in the area, but TOWN Residential is a company that has given them the ability to see a lot of different properties. There are homes for sale and others for rent. TOWN has given people the ability to make better decisions TOWN gives people access to all the options.


There are some fine homes in Manhattan, and TOWN Residential has leasing options that are available for clients as well. The lofts are pretty popular, and TOWN has some of these properties listed on the website. There are also other properties for rent and sale. People that may be considering moving to the city may be able to check out the website to get their first glimpse of properties before they move. There are more than 14,000 rental properties on the TOWN Residential website.


It is great to have a company like this because TOWN is more than a one dimensional company that has a lot of the same cookie cutter properties. To the contrary, TOWN Residential has a lot of different properties. This has become the type of realty company that has a lot of interesting homes that are all different. This is what makes so many people take interest in what TOWN is bringing to the table.


Letting people know about good real estate opportunities is something that TOWN Residential has been able to do with great efficiency. This is a company that has managed to stay on top of the hottest new developments. This company has also managed to provide a lot of information to clients that are looking for a buying or selling guide. There is always an influx of clients that are going out and moving into the city. TOWN Residential plays a big part in facilitating these changes. This is the company that helps those that want to sell. It also helps those that want to buy properties.


There are a lot of people that are interested in moving to places like Tribeca, Soho, East Village, Lower East Side and the Financial District. There are so many areas and so many properties to consider. It can be quite a task to go through all the different listings. It is going to be much better to simply take the time to acquire an agent like Blake Smith, Anna Fox, Kim Rose or Nicole Manners to help with the bountiful listings. There are lots of agents that can show people home, but TOWN is one of those rare agencies that has agents that are concerned about customers. They want their clients to have choices, but they are going to do the homework to help clients narrow down the choices. This is what a good real estate agent does, and that is why people love to explore homes with TOWN Residential.

Davos Announces CAP Calculator App

The Davos Real Estate Group, led by CEO David Osio, recently made a big announcement that has their current and future investors very excited. Osio was joined by executive directors Gerard Gonalez and Pablo Bausili in announcing the new Davos CAP Calculator. This CAP Calculator will be in the form of a mobile app. Potential investors will be able to use the information that they get from the application to decide on the validity of a potential real estate investment that they are interested in.

The calculator is basically a mobile mortgage calculator in the form of a mobile application. Customers can see exactly what their return on investment will be when they invest in a specific property. They can get this information based on different factors like interest rate and the length of the mortgage. This is something that will a great resource to the company, which is one of the top real estate investment firms in Latin America.

The application took over 6 months to design and build. The primary person responsible for the development on the Davos side was Gonzalez. Davos worked in conjunction with Tecknolution, a Latin American software development company on the application.

David Osio has over 3 decades working in the financial sector in South America. He got his start in finance working for a legal team in Venezuela in the early 1980s. He represented some of the top banks and financial institutions in the country. the vast amount of knowledge that he obtained during this time led to him being hired by the Latino Banco Internacional (LBI).

Osio had a very successful turn at the LBI. He started there in the early 90s and worked there for almost two decades. He worked his way up the ladder until he was eventually named the director of commercial banking for the bank. He was then helping decide upon commercial investments for the biggest bank in South America. There is no doubt that his extensive experience and knowledge when it came to financial regulations, came in very handy at this position.

After 20 years at the bank, he was ready to strike out on his own. This is when he formed Davos Investment Group. The investment group is based in Miami, FL and is one of the biggest investment firms in South America. Their latest announcement is sure to make them even more popular with investors and help them attract new ones. It will be interesting to see where this app goes as more technology is developed for it and it is expanded upon.

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Shifting Blame Rarely Works As A Reputation Management Tool

When a major corporation suffers a reputation crisis, reputation management is vital for minimizing the damage. Company executives must apologize, then explain what happened, without making excuses and blaming others. This seems obvious is anyone in the reputation management industry, however as revealed on Online Reputation Reviews, it’s not always obvious to executives who see shifting the blame as a way to insulate upper management from repercussions. It’s the equivalent of a young child being scolded for fighting, and then claiming that it is not their fault because the other child started it.
Wells Fargo was recently fined for employees opening accounts without the customer’s knowledge. It was a classic reputation management crisis, deserving of a solid reputation management plan, but sadly, this fact seemed to escape Wells Fargo’s upper management. The company’s Chief Financial Officer John Shrewsberry is quoted in the Washington Post as saying “it was really more at the lower end of the performance scale, where people apparently were making bad choices to hang on to their job.” If a reputation management firm had reviewed Shrewsberry’s statement first, they would have pointed out that anyone who had ever worked in sales understands that lower level sales associates are not the ones that set unrealistic sales quotas.

While Wells Fargo is now doing the right thing, taking full responsibility and saying that they are eliminating sales quotas, the damage is done. Gaining consumer trust is important for all companies, but it is especially important for a bank. Only time will tell if Wells Fargo’s response if enough to keep the bank’s current customers from fleeing.

Kicking It In Active Wear With Kate Hudson’s New Fabletics TV Commercial

We love when celebrities really use the products they pitch and believe in the lifestyle they’re promoting. Take a look at actress Kate Hudson, who’s a proud co-founder of the Fabletics online subscription retailer that sells on-trend women’s active wear and accessories.

Kate is a fit and busy mom of two young boys and can often be seen running on the beach, doing Pilates, playing ping pong, etc. She’s also been recognized for her casual chic flair on the red carpet.

Fabletic’s mission is simple: “Live your passion,” and that’s exactly what the likable star is doing. She encourages women to move and keep moving, whether it’s a walk, run, or super duper work-out. Her Fabletics active wear is quality made and affordable in vibrant colors and patterns, featuring leggings, yoga pants, sports bras, tanks, swimsuits and even adorable active wear dresses. She brings that excellent taste in style to her global fan base of more than one million VIP members.

Kate has even starred in a new TV commercial for the Fabletics brand that is getting rave reviews. According to, the 30-second spot is a clever one, showing Kate Hudson in real moments working out and wearing Fabletics active wear. About 70 percent of the commercial was shot with the star’s personal iPhone, and she directed the spot from her perspective.

People are loving the behind-the-scenes footage of Kate Hudson doing her thing, which resembles the star in a video from social media like her Instagram. It grounds the actress and Fabletics and helps future subscription members connect to the lifestyle.

While online subscription retailers first explode on the scene, many usually wither away, unable to keep up the momentum. This is not the case for Fabletics; executives there believe they have found the perfect formula for success. Fabletics even plans to open up to 100 brick and mortar stores across the U.S. within the next five years. The brand is trying to cover all the retail bases and so far, maintaining their mission.

The online subscription retail operation is their major focus, with outfits starting at $25 for new VIP members of Fabletics. Members have a 5-day window at the beginning of each month to shop or skip. If a member does not shop or “Skip the Month” by the 5th, their credit card will be charged $49.95 on the 6th day of the month until they cancel.