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Jason Hope And The Future of IoT

What do you know the Internet of Things? Probably, more than you think. A majority of us use cell phones or computers connected to the web. Tablets in the office or smart speakers at home. If for instance, we’ve been living under a rock this whole time, we may at least know what these devices are and what they do. It’s more important than ever, and people like Jason Hope wouldn’t hesitate to agree. The reason? These sorts of devices are the precursor to a slew of new devices making their way into the market. They will surely change the way that we interact with the world by providing more real-time data, versus the somewhat real-time data we’re using in our inboxes or feeds.

Jason Hope, an Arizona State University graduate, envisions a world that is ever connected, and we can see the start of it today. In 2015, HomeKit was announced to the world, and competing platforms we’re quick to follow. Mostly, they allow for small, specialized devices to be set up and run from one of our other devices (think smartphone, tablet or computer). We could have out front door unlock as we approach, or lock the moment we walk in with groceries in our hands. Sounds magical, but it’s a reality many are starting to pick up.

A believer in the Internet of Things, Jason Hope, has shared his thoughts on how security and privacy might be handled. He also talks about how airlines and airports could benefit. How customer service could be elevated to levels never before thought possible. For instance, it would be nice if the airport, know which flight and gate you were to take, could send a push notification to your Apple Watch that you’re going the wrong way. Or if your flight is delayed, offer up suggestions based on your likes and dislikes. They know you don’t like to eat before a trip, but there’s a bookstore across from your gate they know you would love. You didn’t have to lift a finger.

Jason Hope sees the day when your toaster can tell whether your toast isn’t browning evening and adjust the temperature accordingly. Sounds great, right? Hope sees the bigger picture, so much so that he’s also donated more than a million dollars to anti-aging research like that of SENS, and continues to seek out new opportunities for investment. A self-proclaimed futurist and advisor, he’s undoubtedly on the money.

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Dr. David Samadi Says Young Men Should Be On Alert For Prostate Cancer

A large number of men over the age of 60 suffer from a urological pathology, says the head of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi. It’s not only prostate cancer but also urinary incontinence, and erectile dysfunction. But these diseases are increasingly affecting young people.

This is the most common cancer in men, says Dr. Samadi. Prostate cancer is rare in individuals less than 40 years of age and increases progressively with age, but even the youngest must pay attention to their sexual health because prostate cancer seems to have become more aggressive in young men.

Dr. Samadi points out that not undergoing regular checkups or discussing with your doctor about health problems is risky. While some symptoms, in fact, may be a clue for minor problems requiring minimal interventions, in other cases, they can signal more serious problems, such as tumors.

Prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer in men, is in many cases asymptomatic. However, it is often diagnosed by the specific prostate antigen (PSA) test. It is a simple blood test that determines the levels of PSA, a protein produced by the prostate gland. If the PSA level is equal to or lower than the average numbers, the test will be repeated every five years.

But what about men younger than 45 who wouldn’t normally undergo a PSA test. Dr. Samadi says in these cases, men must be vigilant about reviewing risk factors.

A risk factor is anything that influences the likelihood of contracting a disease , including tumors. The possible risk factors for prostate cancer include:

• Family history: having a father or a brother with a prostate cancer doubles the risk of developing the disease

• Age: risks of developing the disease increases with age

• Genetics: there are several genes whose mutations are associated with prostate cancer

• Ethnicity: prostate cancer is more common in men of Afro-American or Caribbean origin

• Workplace exposure; several occupations, like firefighters, and construction and plant workers are exposed to substances (toxic products) that could increase the risk of disease.

According to Dr. Samadi, men should schedule regular checkups at every age and commit to a healthy lifestyle, which includes watching what you eat and exercising regularly.

Dr. David Samadi is a urology expert, with a primary specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. He is currently the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital and is internationally celebrated for his contributions to robotic minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Samadi grew up in Rosslyn, NY, after immigrating from Iran, and received his bachelor’s and medical degrees from Stony Brook University.

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The Story Of Sheldon Lavin And His Career With The OSI Group

The story of Sheldon Lavin is one of success and achievement. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer for the prestigious OSO Group. He has spent 43 years serving the meat industry. He became active with the OSI Group during the 1970’s. The company wanted to build a meat processing facility so the products they supplied to McDonalds could be expanded but required financing. This was when Sheldon Lavin came into the picture and has since transformed the OSI Group. The company now supplies food throughout the world and employs 20,000 people in seventeen countries.

Sheldon Lavin’s career with the OSI Group originally began when he was a consultant. When he was made a partner in 1975 he began expanding the operations of the company into Asia, Europe and South America. Towards the beginning of the 1980’s Sheldon Lavin regained control of the OSI Group by purchasing a controlling interest in the company. He is responsible for the OSI’s Groups unique culture. He ensured all of the employees are treated as part of a global family. This resulted in a very small turnover of staff and most employees remain with the business for many years. Prior to joining the OSI Group Sheldon Lavin worked in both the banking and financial services fields.

Sheldon Lavin believes in philanthropy and actively contributes to numerous charities. The most notable of these charities include the Jewish United Fund, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the United Negra College Fund and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago.

Since the day Sheldon Lavin became the CEO for the company the OSI Group has received numerous and extremely varied awards. There have been several awards for safety, health management and environmental including the Globe of Honor awarded in 2016. The British Safety Council of the United Kingdom honored the OSI Group on February 20th of 2016. The award was for the companies efforts to create jobs across the globe and for positioning the company on the international platform. Visionaries receive the Global Visionary Award in all industries when their goals are achieved and their dreams become a reality. Sheldon Lavin has received many other awards for the part he played in certain services including a Goodman Theatre and Rush University Medical Center board member, a Ronald McDonald House Charities trustee and the Director and President of the Sheba Foundation.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America has Plenty of Positions for Qualified Personnel

Cancer is not an easy disease for people to deal with. People who have been diagnosed with this disease need a lot of faith, support, strength and even funding to overcome this issue. Cancer patients also need highly qualified doctors and medical teams to assist with their treatment and recovery. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has openings for medical personnel who want to help patients in their fight against this deadly condition. Oncology positions are available at one of the many different CTCA facilities. The position requires experience, medical credentials and the ability to work with a CTCA support team. Oncologists should have a working knowledge of the area of cancer where they want to specialize.

Applicants who are hired for this position will receive a competitive salary and great benefits.Nursing positions at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America will vary by hospital and department. There are different types of nursing positions available for eligible personnel. Nurses who work for the CTCA generally provide support to patients when oncologists are not available. They also assist oncologists in areas of surgery or administering various treatments. Applicants will have to apply at each CTCA hospital to figure out which nursing position is available. Professional management positions are also available for individuals who want to help run the business side of CTCA hospitals. A hospital is available to heal and treat people, but it is still a business that needs lots of money to operate.

Also, CTCA management professionals needs to ensure that the bills are being paid, that employees are receiving their pay and that the medical staff has the equipment and resources that is needed to fight cancer.Another great opportunity is available at CTCA hospitals. Internships are given by CTCA for recent grads and students from medical school. Students can work at the CTCA to determine if this field is a perfect fit for them. Recent grads who are looking to get to work will have the opportunity to work with and train under some of the best medical professionals in the business.The CTCA internship program will last between 10 to 12 weeks. Students and recent grads that sign up for this program will be able to test drive a career and if it provides the perfect fit they could be hired on as a permanent worker. These are just some of the great positions and opportunities that are available a the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Successful Career

Dr. Saad Saad spent his childhood in Kuwait even though he was born in Palestine. Mr. Saad pursued medicine at the University of Cairo five decades ago. After completing his studies, he worked as an intern in England. Afterwards, Saad migrated to the US about 45 years ago. In the US, he advanced his profession as a surgeon and was certified by the Board of Pediatric Surgery. Dr. Saad has four children who also pursued careers related to health. Two of his children are surgeons while one is a nurse. However, one child decided to pursue law.



Dr. Saad has significantly contributed to health care by developing innovative pediatric surgical procedures. In addition to that, he patented two inventions related to medicine. In the last four decades, Dr. Saad has performed thousands of successful pediatric surgeries. Mr. Saad also traveled to Jerusalem several times to perform operations on less fortunate children.



According to an interview by Ideamensch, Saad did not want to work outdoors due to the hot temperatures in Kuwait. As a result, he decided that he would pursue medicine to become a surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad says that one of his greatest influences is Dr. Biemann Othersen who trained him in Charleston. Saad adds that he learned valuable traits such as hard work, honesty, and kindness from Mr. Othersen. The lessons he learned from his mentor have enabled him to treat everyone equally despite their background.



Mr. Saad states that the most exciting medical trend is genetics and how it impacts people’s ability to treat and prevent diseases. Saad says that he gets most of his ideas from conducting research. Being organized helps him to focus on his goals. Saad notes that all goals are attainable as long as people focus and stay determined to achieve them. According to Dr. Saad, the most helpful way of preparing for surgery is reviewing patient’s records and the steps that should be followed before any operation.



While performing surgery, Saad stays focus by avoiding talks with people in the operating room, avoiding loud music, and having enough sleep. Dr. Saad came from a humble background that inspired him to excel in medicine. Saad recommends people to read books written by Abraham Lincoln. Equality is one of the most critical professional principles that he values most. Learn more:



Dr. Saad’s firm is located in Eatontown. Saad has specialized in pediatric and general surgery. His impeccable surgical skills and knowledge have earned him two awards. Dr. Saad also communicates in English which enables him to serve a wide variety of clients efficiently. Mr. Saad is affiliated with Long Branch Campus and Monmouth Medical Center among other hospitals. Dr. Saad has an experience of above twenty years in the surgical field.

The Legend That Is Trabuco

Though the original design of this legendary weapon was based on the heavily popular, and widely used “sling” it soon began getting modifications and advances to assist in its usage as a siege weapon. The first written proof of this weapon being used was by an Islamic scholar by the name of Mardi Al-Tarsusi.

Al-Tarsusi claimed these weapons were invented by “unbelieving demons”, which many believe he was speaking of the Christian crusaders according to This belief was inspired by the proof that Al-Tarsusi showed a dislike and simple hatred of these crusaders in his earlier manuscripts.

In the historical records from 1268, the counterweight trabucos were introduced during an attack established by the Mongols on Fancheng and Xiangyang. During this battle, the Mongols were able to defeat their opposition but remained unable to capture the cities. Until two Persian engineers build the counter Trabuco which soon turned these cities to ruble. The Trabuco was then adopted by other countries and civilizations such as Byzantine empire, Persians, and as well as other Scandinavian and Nordic tribes.


The construction of these mammoth machines took up to 12 days to build, depending on the size of the weapon. Thought there was a large variety of these weapons made, from smaller single man trabucos to larger varieties that took up to forty-five men to operate. Another adaptation made for the Trabuco was the ammunition used. This was the weapon that introduced the idea of chemical warfare. Some armies would use the dead bodies of their opposing army, making sure the bodies were infected with other diseases in hopes of spreading the disease in the city in hopes of breaking moral and causing mass genocide.

The final usage of the Trabuco was in 1521 in an attack on Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital according to This was the final military mission involving the Trabuco, finally being replaced by the invention the canon for siege use. Though it was an extraordinary weapon used for hundreds of years, civilization advances and so does the technology for both civilian and military uses.


TMS Health Solution-Treating Depression with Alternative Methods

TMS Health Solutions doesn’t just treat their patients, but they also follow up on their patients to make sure that they are doing as well as they should. TMS therapy El Dorado Hills has been proven effective in treating clinical depression that is non-responsive to the more traditional methods of treating clinical depression such as antidepressants. In some instances, it is necessary to combine a combination of treatments in order to combat clinical depression.

Over 40 percent of people that have clinical depression have Treatment-Resistant Depression and need an alternative form of treatment such as TMS therapy El Dorado Hills. 14 to 17 percent of the population will suffer from Major Depressive Disorder at least once in their lifetime.

Clinical depression affects 6.7 of the population, and it will not go away on its own, so it is necessary to get treatment. Not all people are alike, and not all treatments will work for any one person. That is why TMS Health Solutions does all they can to find a customized treatment plan for each of their patients.

TMS Health Solutions understands that it can be difficult to live with depression and that it can sometimes be hard to treat. Their patients may feel anxious, confused, isolated, and hopeless, but TMS Health Solutions offers hope.

They have adopted the butterfly as their symbol because the butterfly symbolizes freedom as well as a transformation. Just like the butterfly, their patients will become free from their depression and will transform into the people that they want to be living the life that they want to live.

TMS Health Solutions was founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007, and they are focused on patient care, and finding a new and improved method to help combat depression that is unresponsive to traditional methods. TMS Health Solutions will also partner with the psychiatrist of the patient, primary care provider, or therapist to ensure that their patient gets the very best care possible. They also work with their patients to create a customized treatment plan. Even after their patients complete their care, TMS Health Solutions will follow up with their patients by checking in with them as needed. The primary goal of TMS Health Solutions is to get their patients better and back to a more normal and productive life. Everyone can live a happy and normal life, but sometimes people just need some extra support.

Subsidiaries Associated with ‘EFH’

Equities First Holdings is a company that lends to businesses as well as individual investors. Depending on the risk involved, EFH will lend based off of stocks and bonds. The company was formed in the year 2002 from Indiana with an offie in New York City. The president of EFH is Al Christy, Jr.

EFH has subsidiaries in London (United Kingdom), Sydney (Australia), Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong Central (Hong Kong), Singapore and Switzerland. With locations in many places across the world, EFH can conduct business globally. As of now, Equities First Holdings have been in business for 15 years.

Doe Deere – article recap

The visionary behind the successful alternative cosmetic brand Lime Crime, is a whimsical, pastel-friendly haired woman that goes by the name of Doe Deere. Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia until she had moved to New York, NY, when she was 17 years old. In New York City, Deere fell in love with the idea of being a musician and pursued her dream while she lived there. She had met her husband while they played in a band together in Brooklyn, NY. The pair worked well collaborating on songs and promoting their band, they eventually decided to relocate to Los Angeles, CA and currently live there. To this day, she feels a strong connection that being a musician had ultimately helped her to know how to market herself in the right light and appreciate her fan base.


When Doe Deere was thirteen, she would get temporary tattoos and resell them to her classmates. Bringing her entrepreneurial instincts to the fore, she would wear the tattoos herself and make it seem cool, as if they were a must-have. Her idea for Lime Crime had sort of the same idea, Deere had a love for ultra bright and unusual colors that were not commonly found in the mainstream cosmetic market at the time. She would post herself online wearing her new alternative makeup brand and it simply had caught on and gained a following. To gt an idea of the brand’s lip palette, they come in colors of deep purple, black, lime green and ice blue.


Lime Crime is a brand that stays true to what it wholeheartedly believes in. They promote the freedom to express yourself against all odds and empower individuals to do so as well. All of Lime Crime’s makeup and personal care products are vegan-friendly with zero animal by-products and not tested on animals. The brand is also cruelty-free certified by the PETA and Leaping Bunny organizations. Doe Deere absolutely loves animals and had donated over $16,000 to many registered charities that involve animal rescue and adoption. She also has given donated to the organizations: Girls Inc., Red Cross and Sanctuary for Families, a center for battered women.
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Amazon Looks Set For A Retail Battle With Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

The Fabletics brand of athleticwear has quickly grown to become one of the most impressive and important for the entire Online fashion retail sector. One of the most dominant aspects of the Online retail industry has been the ability of Amazon to hold on to a market share of at least 20 percent for the long-term since the advent of the Online retail industry. Despite many rivals attempting to put a dent into this dominance, Fabletics is the only brand to appear as a genuine rival to Amazon in terms of developing a strong business for the future.


Much of the success of Fabletics has come from the fact it has become an aspirational brand based around the need to fell part of the success of the company in the long-term in much the same way as iconic brands such as Apple have done. Fabletics is placing a large amount of its potential success in the hands of brand ambassador Kate Hudson who has spent the majority of her career as an actress before embarking on a business career prompted by Fabletics and TechStyle founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


The transition from “Almost Famous” actress to business leader may have seemed a simple one to undertake but Kaye Hudson has spent a large amount of her spare time looking to learn as much as possible about the Fabletics brand and the Online retail industry. Although she still refers to herself as a performer who dabbles in business, Hudson has become an entrepreneur who has ensured the last mile service of her brand has become among the best in the industry.


Among the most impressive aspects of the Fabletics brand has been the success achieved by the brand in terms of the use of big data which includes the initial lifestyle quiz each new member completes as they seek to find the clothing to suit their needs. The Fabletics brand knows the most amount of knowledge available is important to the success of the business but a greater level of success is seen in developing an excellent customer service strategy which has included the chance for the brand to grow at an annual rate of more than 35 percent.