Sheldon Lavin: Propelling OSI Group to greater heights

Education and Work background

Sheldon Lavin’s education background is in finance and accounting hence his ability to be a remarkable financial consultant, a job that he began before becoming an employee at Otto & Sons in the 1970s.

Board membership

Sheldon Lavin is both chairman and CEO of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He also was chairman of Amick Farms in 2006, a Poultry company in America, after OSI Group acquired it.

OSI Group Growth and expansion

OSI Group started as a butcher shop in 1909. It began growing when it became McDonald’s hamburger supplier and even started a plant to help with the supply. It changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group in 1975 and began expanding globally from the 1980s to date by forming joint ventures and acquisitions since 2016. As CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been the force behind the purchases of Baho Food in the Dutch market and Flagship in the European market.

Global Visionary Award

Sheldon lavin received the Global Visionary Award on 20th February 2016, which was awarded by Vision World Academy in India. The people who have realised their visions through resilience are recognised, and he was among such visionaries.

OSI Group Awards

As a result of Sheldon Lavin’s excellent leadership skills, the Globe of Honour Award received from the British Safety Council, recognised OSI Group’s efforts in developing innovative ways of curbing environmental pollution. Besides, in the market for food and beverages, it became number 66 and was declared the leading firm in the world by Forbes.

Sheldon Lavin’s success strategy

In an interview, Sheldon Lavin ventured into business with the aim of influencing the lives of people through the products and foods they use. However, the impact was indirect since he reasoned competition prompted firms to have better financing strategies, so he became a financial consultant with a focus on food companies. His first company grew to be a successful one owing to a good business plan.

He continued to grow through expanding into international markets which reaped economies of scale that translated into efficiency and more substantial profits. He has continued to make his money by investing in the stock market. He believes technology is prerequisite to successful marketing and proper planning is the foundation for a successful business. He also believes that entrepreneurs must be humble and be receptive to the ideas of others for them to be innovative.

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