Fagali’I Airport

Air travel is currently the most preferred means of transport for long distances. Therefore, in order to support the air travel there are crucial facilities which must be present such as the airports. The airports acts as stopovers and landing for airplanes making it possible for the passengers to alight and take a break before proceeding to their destinations. One airport which has created a positive passenger experience is the Fagali’I. The airport is located at Samoa in Apia where it mainly serves the local people together with few foreigners. The airport is privately owned making it possible to customize the services as required by the clients. Polynesian Airlines are the owners as well as the operators of the airport.

The Fagali’I airport has a runways of more than 2000ft and the surface is Asphalt in nature. During one time the airport comprised of service which comprised of grass only. However, the airport has received a facelift and a permanent surface of the runway installed. In the past the airport has its own share of challenges and one being closure due to the complaints from the locals due to noise pollution. For instance the government decommissioned it back in 2006 due to safety concern but repairs works were conducted making it possible to resume business again.

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The re-opening of Fagali’I airport has come with new benefits which aims at improving the quality of services being offered to the clients. For instance the acquiring of a third DHC-6 Twin Otter to facilitate quality and efficient services. The location of the Fagali’I airport is spectacular and the scenery is breathtaking. It is on the proximity to the shore of the ocean which makes it a beautiful place to visit. Thus visiting the airport one will notice the presence of Royal Samoa Golf Course in the vicinity according to dohop.com. The presence of the Royal Samoa Golf has influenced the airport service delivery positively since they have to ensure they meet the customers’ expectations. Thus when the passengers arrive they receive a warm welcome from the host community which treat them to pop and dance. The warm welcome is breath taking accompanied by the cool breeze from the ocean. The Fagali’I Airport is still in the process of breaking into new markets, hence its prices are significantly favorable compared to others. Moreover, online booking is available for clients to ensure their convenience when it comes to accessing the services. For any individual who wishes to travel around Samoa and experience the local spirit should engage the services of Fagali’I.

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