Jason Hope And The Future of IoT

What do you know the Internet of Things? Probably, more than you think. A majority of us use cell phones or computers connected to the web. Tablets in the office or smart speakers at home. If for instance, we’ve been living under a rock this whole time, we may at least know what these devices are and what they do. It’s more important than ever, and people like Jason Hope wouldn’t hesitate to agree. The reason? These sorts of devices are the precursor to a slew of new devices making their way into the market. They will surely change the way that we interact with the world by providing more real-time data, versus the somewhat real-time data we’re using in our inboxes or feeds.

Jason Hope, an Arizona State University graduate, envisions a world that is ever connected, and we can see the start of it today. In 2015, HomeKit was announced to the world, and competing platforms we’re quick to follow. Mostly, they allow for small, specialized devices to be set up and run from one of our other devices (think smartphone, tablet or computer). We could have out front door unlock as we approach, or lock the moment we walk in with groceries in our hands. Sounds magical, but it’s a reality many are starting to pick up.

A believer in the Internet of Things, Jason Hope, has shared his thoughts on how security and privacy might be handled. He also talks about how airlines and airports could benefit. How customer service could be elevated to levels never before thought possible. For instance, it would be nice if the airport, know which flight and gate you were to take, could send a push notification to your Apple Watch that you’re going the wrong way. Or if your flight is delayed, offer up suggestions based on your likes and dislikes. They know you don’t like to eat before a trip, but there’s a bookstore across from your gate they know you would love. You didn’t have to lift a finger.

Jason Hope sees the day when your toaster can tell whether your toast isn’t browning evening and adjust the temperature accordingly. Sounds great, right? Hope sees the bigger picture, so much so that he’s also donated more than a million dollars to anti-aging research like that of SENS, and continues to seek out new opportunities for investment. A self-proclaimed futurist and advisor, he’s undoubtedly on the money.

ason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

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