Dr. Saad Saad’s Successful Career

Dr. Saad Saad spent his childhood in Kuwait even though he was born in Palestine. Mr. Saad pursued medicine at the University of Cairo five decades ago. After completing his studies, he worked as an intern in England. Afterwards, Saad migrated to the US about 45 years ago. In the US, he advanced his profession as a surgeon and was certified by the Board of Pediatric Surgery. Dr. Saad has four children who also pursued careers related to health. Two of his children are surgeons while one is a nurse. However, one child decided to pursue law.



Dr. Saad has significantly contributed to health care by developing innovative pediatric surgical procedures. In addition to that, he patented two inventions related to medicine. In the last four decades, Dr. Saad has performed thousands of successful pediatric surgeries. Mr. Saad also traveled to Jerusalem several times to perform operations on less fortunate children.



According to an interview by Ideamensch, Saad did not want to work outdoors due to the hot temperatures in Kuwait. As a result, he decided that he would pursue medicine to become a surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad says that one of his greatest influences is Dr. Biemann Othersen who trained him in Charleston. Saad adds that he learned valuable traits such as hard work, honesty, and kindness from Mr. Othersen. The lessons he learned from his mentor have enabled him to treat everyone equally despite their background.



Mr. Saad states that the most exciting medical trend is genetics and how it impacts people’s ability to treat and prevent diseases. Saad says that he gets most of his ideas from conducting research. Being organized helps him to focus on his goals. Saad notes that all goals are attainable as long as people focus and stay determined to achieve them. According to Dr. Saad, the most helpful way of preparing for surgery is reviewing patient’s records and the steps that should be followed before any operation.



While performing surgery, Saad stays focus by avoiding talks with people in the operating room, avoiding loud music, and having enough sleep. Dr. Saad came from a humble background that inspired him to excel in medicine. Saad recommends people to read books written by Abraham Lincoln. Equality is one of the most critical professional principles that he values most. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12



Dr. Saad’s firm is located in Eatontown. Saad has specialized in pediatric and general surgery. His impeccable surgical skills and knowledge have earned him two awards. Dr. Saad also communicates in English which enables him to serve a wide variety of clients efficiently. Mr. Saad is affiliated with Long Branch Campus and Monmouth Medical Center among other hospitals. Dr. Saad has an experience of above twenty years in the surgical field.

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