A Black Card for Millennials Who Hate Boring Days

Are you a professional aged 21 to 35 who hates boring days? How do you fancy access to personalized special events and deals in New York City, Washington DC and other top cities on the East Coast? If experiences on Facebook such as access to private members-only concerts, tastings with notable chefs, and exclusive art previews at leading galleries sound rewarding, you should join Magnises.

Magnises Helps You Unlock Your City

Magnises is an all-around concierge brand offering members a bespoke set of cultural and professional experiences in the biggest cities on the East Coast. When you join Magnises, you get a personalized black card that does magic when you flash it.

You can link your personalized Magnises membership card to an existing credit card or debit card and use the black card as a payment tool. More importantly, your membership card can help you build the network of your dreams. Here are some of the perks that come with this prestigious black card.

Benefits of Being a Magnises Member

• Fantastic Nightlife

When you flash your membership card, you’re always a VIP. You get access to members-only evenings with zero hassle at the door. These exciting evenings come with secret performers or unique mixology nights at hidden speakeasies.

• Cultural Experiences

Magnises gives access to fashion shows, art galleries, theatrical performances, secret pop-ups and many other invigorating events. And you can get the best seat in the house to your preferred show!

• Sports

Your membership card allows you to get in on the action and from the best seats in the house. Every member gets tickets and VIP access.

• Live Events

The Magnises community have VIP access to exciting concerts, shows, private events and other must-attend live events. You will get tickets to sold-out live concerts, incredible discounts on Broadway shows, and private events with your favorite artists.

• Professional Growth

Magnises gives you the chance to make valuable connections. You can connect with other professionals at fireside chats and power meals with exceptional industry leaders on elitedaily.com.

• Fine Dining

Members get to sample sumptuous meals by award-winning chefs at unusual venues. If you’re a foodie, you will look forward to private dinner parties with amazing chefs and new restaurant openings. Foodie or no foodie, you will enjoy expertly prepared cocktails on the rooftops of luxury hotels.

• Wellness

Magnises makes it easy for members to be their best. Feel energized, toned and cleansed with activities that include intense spin classes and rooftop yoga. You may also receive complimentary drinks and snacks after your fun session.

• Travel

With Magnises Travel, members have access to the best hotels in the world. You get incredible offers on dining and accommodation. You also get other numerous benefits including early check-in, late checkout as well as priority room upgrades.

• Shopping

Magnises shoppers enjoy exclusive sales with leading brands, personal shopping opportunities with notable fashion stylists, and first glimpses into new lines. Whether you need a business casual or a black tie, Magnises fashion access ensures you’re on point whatever the occasion.

Magnises helps you unlock your city and world. You get access to experiences of your dreams at discounted prices, and you’re always a VIP. Make the world your oyster; get your Magnises black card today.

David Osio Enhances His Philanthropic Activities

David Osio is a financial advisor who strives to bring change in the world through his generous giving. His philanthropy has continuously targeted medical research, music, art, and community activities. For over twenty years, the financial expert has constantly partnered with several non-profit organizations. He is always interested in firms that have specialized in improving the lives of the people as well as culture and art in communities where his businesses operate.

Recently, David Osio embarked on expanding his philanthropic activities for charities on a global scale. Through his company, Davos Financial Group, David has notably supported MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra) each year. He is an active board member of MISO. He expresses his satisfaction when iconic foundations like MISO successfully carry out their operations year after year in helping communities deal with a given challenge.

David supports the medical research on diseases that affect children. He is a regular contributor to the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, which is an international foundation. He sponsors the foundation’s annual EPK events. David Osio hopes that fortunate members of the society can someday collaborate to raise resources towards addressing different community causes.

Over the years, David Osio has donated to the Fundana Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation and UMA Foundation. As a traditional art supporter, David Osio has also funded a Miami art foundation called Saludarte. Due to his active contribution to the community, David Osio has received several international awards and recognitions. This information was originally mentioned on Erie News Now as explicated in the following link http://www.erienewsnow.com/story/32593570/financial-advisor-david-j-osio-increases-philanthropic-support-on-a-global-scale

David Osio background

David Osio attended the Catholic University Andres Bello. Here, he pursued an Advanced Management Program. David studied International Banking Law at the esteemed Estudios Superiores de Administracion IESA. In 1981, he served as the president and CEO of OPED Enterprise. During this period, he had an executive post at LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES. In 1984, he decided to practice banking law. He joined MGO Caracas. Later, he occupied a top position in Banco Latino International, which is based in Miami. David was promoted to render his services as the vice president of Banking Commercial.

He started to build Davos Financial Group of companies in 1993. His first business provided financial advice to the clients. Under his leadership as the company’s CEO, David has worked effortlessly to ensure that each company offers tailor-made services to suit the diverse needs of its clients. Davos Finance Group is keen to maintain a sense of corporate social responsibility. To this end, the corporation has constantly collaborated with non-profit organizations to support and bring development in the community. Currently, all companies affiliated with Davos Financial Group are licensed and are in contract with major banks around the world. This information was originally mentioned on the Official David Osio’s website as highlighted in the link below http://www.officialdavidosio.com/

Why Lip Balm is Essential for Healthy Lips

Your lips are always exposed to the elements, so it only makes sense that you would choose a high quality lip balm to protect your lips from those elements. There are numerous brands to choose from, and they all have beneficial ingredients. How do you know which lip balm has the healthiest and safest ingredients? It may not be as much as about the ingredients as it is about what lip balm will work best for you.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, but you may not be treating it with the same amount of care as you do the other organs. Evolution of Smooth is one of the optimum choices with only organic ingredients, and it’s antioxidant rich. There are numerous lip balms on the market including EOS, along with Nivea that provide the essential ingredients for softness and nourishment for smooth looking lips.

Evolution Smooth also creates tons of fun flavors along with the natural ingredients, and it’s been tested by dermatologists to ensure that the combination of ingredients is just right. There is no petrolatum in the Evolution of Smooth, and it has continued to pick up great exposure in most every retail establishment where it is sold. These products can also be found on Ulta.com and luckyvitamin.com online.