Mike Baur’s Contributions to The Youth Entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner at Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF). Baur is from Switzerland and is famously known for his significant contribution to the business industry. Mike developed an interest in both banking and finance while still young. His interest in the field saw him pursue his passion to profession. Mike has worked for about twenty years in Swiss private banking. His hard work and professionalism in the field saw him getting his way up to the executive board member position in one of the big Swiss private banks.

In the year 2014, Baur together with two other entrepreneurs came up with the Swiss Start-Up factory. Currently, the organization is the leading among the independent and private organizations in Switzerland. The organization is popularly known for investing much of its time in the youths. Through dedication, Mike Baur’s factory provides the teens with a professional mentorship platform where they guide and encourage them into business ventures. The organization’s primary vision was to transform the youths into successful entrepreneurs in the future. Swiss Start UP Factory is drastically growing for its role in filling in the standard gap faced by the graduates.

Mike Baur is a very successful business person. His role in the SSUF is very crucial. He is well versed in the international markets. Therefore, through his mentorship programs, he does not only encourage the youths on business ventures; but also prepares them for the global markets. By doing so, the modern business world remains entirely transformed.
The factory is focused on boosting the digital entrepreneurs with amazing opportunities. This particular program is a Zurich-based accelerator and runs for about three months.

However, in connection to entrepreneurial, the organization has introduced other helpful programs. There is the Diabird, Hello Vegan, and the Diplomero. The Diabird is a lifestyle application that is meant to assist diabetic patients. Hello Vegan is popularly known as the online food shop for vegans. It introduces new foods and recipes to the people of Switzerland. On the other hand, the Diplomero is an online learning platform.

The factory looks forward to launching new products in the future. The programs initiated by this organization have recorded success. Recently, we saw the company launch the First Female Founder Network. This particular network was meant to motivate women into business ventures. The factory’s vision and contribution to the business industry have seen it partner with closely related organizations. On February 2016, Accelerators from Geneva partnered with Zurich accelerators SSUT. The partnership was aimed at improving mentorship exchange while complementing each other’s goal orientation. Also, in December 2015, CTI also partnered with the organization. This particular partnership was meant to develop Swiss startup ecosystem.

Autism Rocks future under Will and Pete in the Board of Trustees

Shah Sanjay is the Founder of Autism Rocks, his interest developed after sudden surprise at Portland Hospital when his son was diagnosed with Autism. Shan is married to Usha, and he was raised in London by immigrant parents from Kenya. Shah is Visionary entrepreneur by having founded Solo Capital Markets. He is the President of Solo Group Holding and oversees the management of the company. Shah owns several firms across the United Kingdom and Dubai like the British Virgin Islands, The Luxemburg, and Malta.


Shah has a great passion for Music that he developed during while studying at King’s College where during that period he used to organize for musical concerns with his friends across London. Autism Rocks uses Musical Concerts to pass Autism messages to communities and to raise funds. His dream to become a Doctor fall into deaf years after realizing his interest was to pursue Business studies.


Autism Rocks Foundation was established in the year 2011, and Shah becomes the President. The significant force behind the firm came from Nikhil, his youngest son. At an early age, Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with Neurodevelopment disorder that found Shah and the family unaware. According to Shah, coping with Autism is expensive to afford and hard to get in public hospitals, an experience that keeps the child waiting for an extended period to be served undergoes a lot of suffering. Physiotherapy is very vital for children with Autism hence it is very expensive for most families to afford.


Through his network and wealthy friends, Shah decided to start a campaign against the disease through Autism Rocks that aimed to raise funds for research on Autism. Autism Rocks aims at preparing the community in detecting Autism in Children and researching on possible cures on ways to life with the disease for a prosperous future as the other children. Shah holds live concerts for only guests with famous music celebrates like Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Kravitz. The concerts help in raising donation and communicating about the importance of early detection of Autism in Children.


The foundation is an umbrella of many organizations pursuing the same goal. Autism Rocks activities includes Music live concerts, organizing events, Management of funds, and expansion of the foundation to reach more countries. Recently, Shah appointed his old friends to the Board of Trustees at Autism Rocks, Will and Pete. The two seemed to be a big boost to the organization in planning for the activities and expansion. Pete has brought about 21 years of experience in financial management while Will has a professional background in the entertainment industry.


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Kate Hudson Introduces a Dream Come True in New Fabletics Clothing Line

Kate Hudson fulfills fantasies for women everywhere with the new Fabletics clothing line athleisure. An article on Marie Claire Magazine features an interview with Hudson about the company’s new athleisure dresses and swimsuits. Many girls simply want to get through life as comfortably as possible, without having to dress up in scratchy or stiff clothes. Now, they can. As of April 2016, Hudson’s new clothing line is on the market for consumers. Source: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics, a clothing designer company that creates stylish yet comfortable active wear for men and women. She established the review with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in the year 2013 to help encourage people to embrace physical activity and mobility.

Over the course of the last few years, Fabletics has grown exponentially as a business. The company now sells to numerous other countries, for both an excellent quality and price range. As of recently, this includes Hudson’s new athleisure dresses.

According to her, these dresses can be worn almost anywhere, taking away the need for a girl to deal with the discomfort of a little black dress during a nice occasion, a friendly outing, or a date night. While she says the dresses are not exactly designed for vigorous exercise, they do offer a greater range of mobility than other dresses. Some of the dresses even have built-in bras. While some others do not, they are still designed for easy fit and making the wearer feel just right.

As for Hudson’s swimsuit line of Fabletics, she stated that they are meant to fit in a snug fashion. The whole point is to allow people to be active, which can sometimes be difficult with a regular, flimsy swimsuit. Wardrobe malfunctions are a thing of the past, but that does not mean a wearer cannot still feel confident and attractive in their new swimsuit.

Overall, Hudson said that it would be great for Fabletics to be able to turn athleisure into a high fashion brand, but that it would come at a high cost. She seemed proud of Fabletics just the way it is, as the company works direct to consumer and therefore is fortunate enough to sell high quality products at a lower price. It has worked for them just fine, and now women from numerous parts of the world can enjoy the luxury of athleisure clothes.