Fabletics on a New Online Fashion Site

Online news and fashion site Elite Daily has recently featured an article about Kate Hudson and the new line of trendy swimwear she’s created for her workout clothing line, Fabletics. (http://elitedaily.com/women/fabletics-swim-line/1447549/)

According to author Emily Arata, Kate Hudson’s fitness line has finally premiered its promised series of swimwear. Designed for all shapes and sizes from XXS to XXL, and inspired by its maker’s love of summer apparel and delight in tropical colors, the new swimwear has something to make every body type feel sexy and stylish.

The styles range from bikinis through one-pieces and tankinis, all in a range of gorgeous colors. The practical side has been seen to as well: the suits are all made from recycled materials and provided with UV protection.

There’s also a line of Kate Hudson summer dresses on the way. All are available at super prices through membership in the Fabletics online site.

Hudson founded her Fabletics company, a subsidiary of JustFab, to provide a more stylish alternative to brands like Nike, which tend to favor athletics over sexy and sweet in their designs.

In 2013 thekrazycouponlady.com’s review of Fabletics’ activewear opened its online membership site, featuring workout clothing such as yoga pants and leggings inspired by HudsonÕs philosophy that looking good can be a real motivation to keeping up our workout schedules. The new additions of swimwear and coordinated dresses give the Fabletics collection even greater dimension and appeal according to what is stated on their Twitter handle.

The Fabletics concept is similar to that of JustFab. When a customer signs up for membership, she is asked to complete a quiz designed to reveal her lifestyle and fashion preferences; in the case of Fabletics, she also explains her workout needs.

With this information in hand, the experts at Fabletics construct a personalized selection of outfits that they feel will appeal to the customer – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabletics.

When the selection is presented to the customer each month, she has the option of selecting one or more of the featured articles in the curated collection at a discounted price, or can choose to skip that month’s purchase.

The outstanding features of this system are the selection and the price: for while Kate Hudson Fabletics apparel is available in other venues, it won’t be available at such great prices and personally selected to suit each customer’s taste and needs.