The Legend That Is Trabuco

Though the original design of this legendary weapon was based on the heavily popular, and widely used “sling” it soon began getting modifications and advances to assist in its usage as a siege weapon. The first written proof of this weapon being used was by an Islamic scholar by the name of Mardi Al-Tarsusi.

Al-Tarsusi claimed these weapons were invented by “unbelieving demons”, which many believe he was speaking of the Christian crusaders according to This belief was inspired by the proof that Al-Tarsusi showed a dislike and simple hatred of these crusaders in his earlier manuscripts.

In the historical records from 1268, the counterweight trabucos were introduced during an attack established by the Mongols on Fancheng and Xiangyang. During this battle, the Mongols were able to defeat their opposition but remained unable to capture the cities. Until two Persian engineers build the counter Trabuco which soon turned these cities to ruble. The Trabuco was then adopted by other countries and civilizations such as Byzantine empire, Persians, and as well as other Scandinavian and Nordic tribes.


The construction of these mammoth machines took up to 12 days to build, depending on the size of the weapon. Thought there was a large variety of these weapons made, from smaller single man trabucos to larger varieties that took up to forty-five men to operate. Another adaptation made for the Trabuco was the ammunition used. This was the weapon that introduced the idea of chemical warfare. Some armies would use the dead bodies of their opposing army, making sure the bodies were infected with other diseases in hopes of spreading the disease in the city in hopes of breaking moral and causing mass genocide.

The final usage of the Trabuco was in 1521 in an attack on Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital according to This was the final military mission involving the Trabuco, finally being replaced by the invention the canon for siege use. Though it was an extraordinary weapon used for hundreds of years, civilization advances and so does the technology for both civilian and military uses.


TMS Health Solution-Treating Depression with Alternative Methods

TMS Health Solutions doesn’t just treat their patients, but they also follow up on their patients to make sure that they are doing as well as they should. TMS therapy El Dorado Hills has been proven effective in treating clinical depression that is non-responsive to the more traditional methods of treating clinical depression such as antidepressants. In some instances, it is necessary to combine a combination of treatments in order to combat clinical depression.

Over 40 percent of people that have clinical depression have Treatment-Resistant Depression and need an alternative form of treatment such as TMS therapy El Dorado Hills. 14 to 17 percent of the population will suffer from Major Depressive Disorder at least once in their lifetime.

Clinical depression affects 6.7 of the population, and it will not go away on its own, so it is necessary to get treatment. Not all people are alike, and not all treatments will work for any one person. That is why TMS Health Solutions does all they can to find a customized treatment plan for each of their patients.

TMS Health Solutions understands that it can be difficult to live with depression and that it can sometimes be hard to treat. Their patients may feel anxious, confused, isolated, and hopeless, but TMS Health Solutions offers hope.

They have adopted the butterfly as their symbol because the butterfly symbolizes freedom as well as a transformation. Just like the butterfly, their patients will become free from their depression and will transform into the people that they want to be living the life that they want to live.

TMS Health Solutions was founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007, and they are focused on patient care, and finding a new and improved method to help combat depression that is unresponsive to traditional methods. TMS Health Solutions will also partner with the psychiatrist of the patient, primary care provider, or therapist to ensure that their patient gets the very best care possible. They also work with their patients to create a customized treatment plan. Even after their patients complete their care, TMS Health Solutions will follow up with their patients by checking in with them as needed. The primary goal of TMS Health Solutions is to get their patients better and back to a more normal and productive life. Everyone can live a happy and normal life, but sometimes people just need some extra support.

Subsidiaries Associated with ‘EFH’

Equities First Holdings is a company that lends to businesses as well as individual investors. Depending on the risk involved, EFH will lend based off of stocks and bonds. The company was formed in the year 2002 from Indiana with an offie in New York City. The president of EFH is Al Christy, Jr.

EFH has subsidiaries in London (United Kingdom), Sydney (Australia), Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong Central (Hong Kong), Singapore and Switzerland. With locations in many places across the world, EFH can conduct business globally. As of now, Equities First Holdings have been in business for 15 years.

Doe Deere – article recap

The visionary behind the successful alternative cosmetic brand Lime Crime, is a whimsical, pastel-friendly haired woman that goes by the name of Doe Deere. Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia until she had moved to New York, NY, when she was 17 years old. In New York City, Deere fell in love with the idea of being a musician and pursued her dream while she lived there. She had met her husband while they played in a band together in Brooklyn, NY. The pair worked well collaborating on songs and promoting their band, they eventually decided to relocate to Los Angeles, CA and currently live there. To this day, she feels a strong connection that being a musician had ultimately helped her to know how to market herself in the right light and appreciate her fan base.


When Doe Deere was thirteen, she would get temporary tattoos and resell them to her classmates. Bringing her entrepreneurial instincts to the fore, she would wear the tattoos herself and make it seem cool, as if they were a must-have. Her idea for Lime Crime had sort of the same idea, Deere had a love for ultra bright and unusual colors that were not commonly found in the mainstream cosmetic market at the time. She would post herself online wearing her new alternative makeup brand and it simply had caught on and gained a following. To gt an idea of the brand’s lip palette, they come in colors of deep purple, black, lime green and ice blue.


Lime Crime is a brand that stays true to what it wholeheartedly believes in. They promote the freedom to express yourself against all odds and empower individuals to do so as well. All of Lime Crime’s makeup and personal care products are vegan-friendly with zero animal by-products and not tested on animals. The brand is also cruelty-free certified by the PETA and Leaping Bunny organizations. Doe Deere absolutely loves animals and had donated over $16,000 to many registered charities that involve animal rescue and adoption. She also has given donated to the organizations: Girls Inc., Red Cross and Sanctuary for Families, a center for battered women.
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Amazon Looks Set For A Retail Battle With Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

The Fabletics brand of athleticwear has quickly grown to become one of the most impressive and important for the entire Online fashion retail sector. One of the most dominant aspects of the Online retail industry has been the ability of Amazon to hold on to a market share of at least 20 percent for the long-term since the advent of the Online retail industry. Despite many rivals attempting to put a dent into this dominance, Fabletics is the only brand to appear as a genuine rival to Amazon in terms of developing a strong business for the future.


Much of the success of Fabletics has come from the fact it has become an aspirational brand based around the need to fell part of the success of the company in the long-term in much the same way as iconic brands such as Apple have done. Fabletics is placing a large amount of its potential success in the hands of brand ambassador Kate Hudson who has spent the majority of her career as an actress before embarking on a business career prompted by Fabletics and TechStyle founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


The transition from “Almost Famous” actress to business leader may have seemed a simple one to undertake but Kaye Hudson has spent a large amount of her spare time looking to learn as much as possible about the Fabletics brand and the Online retail industry. Although she still refers to herself as a performer who dabbles in business, Hudson has become an entrepreneur who has ensured the last mile service of her brand has become among the best in the industry.


Among the most impressive aspects of the Fabletics brand has been the success achieved by the brand in terms of the use of big data which includes the initial lifestyle quiz each new member completes as they seek to find the clothing to suit their needs. The Fabletics brand knows the most amount of knowledge available is important to the success of the business but a greater level of success is seen in developing an excellent customer service strategy which has included the chance for the brand to grow at an annual rate of more than 35 percent.

SahmAdrangi; the CIO with the $100 million investment

SahmAdrangi holds a bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University and is the founder Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. As the Chief Investor Officer, MrAdrangi has been involved in the firms’ development ever since. MrAdrangi has led to the exposure of fraudulent Chinese companies such as China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp which consequently led to enforcement repercussions from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

MrAdrangi worked at Longacre Fund as an investment analyst before founding Kerrisdale. While serving as the Chief Investment officer of Kerrisdale, Adrangi steered the organization into specific sectors thus developing its expertise in the field. Some of these sectors include the Biotechnology, Mining and the Telecommunications. The firm has shared skeptical views on a couple of companies operating in those areas. He identified weakness in organizations such as Globalstar leading to a series of articles and ex parte letters after meetings with the FCC.

Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised about $100 from investors in a move to bet against a single stock. An informant from the firm revealed this information alongside a request to remain anonymous as the information was not yet ready for public use. This “co-investment” has no prior as the firm plans to use the investment to short a public company that will be revealed soon. The informant also disclosed that the target company would be unveiled in mid-May and that the firm has begun to buy stock to affirm its position in the unnamed company.

Kerrisdale has been known to bet against companies and taking its case public. The company’s primary hedge fund average approximately 28% over the last five years.Kerrisdale manages about $500 million including the new money raised. Adrangi and an analyst form the organization are working on various ways to convince others of their thesis by using platforms such as videos and a website. In an email to investors, the CIO will provide insight as to how they will use the above means to demonstrate how they have acquired a company with a net worth of above $10 billion.

Bob Reina: He Is Filled With Love

Bob Reina is filled with love in his heart, and it is why he donated over a million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. When people read about Bob Reina, watch interviews with him, or listen to him, it is clear he is genuine to his core. There is nothing phony about this man. He is as real as they come and he shows that by making this kind of donation. This is not a donation that a lot of people would make. It is what makes it all the more special. Bob Reina himself has taken in many stray animals. He truly just enjoys helping people and being there for them. The same clearly is true of animals.


He is also the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the video communications company that is sweeping the nation. 2016 was one of their banner years as they won two awards including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It is quite fitting and appropriate that the word “Solutions” is in the title of this award. Bob Reina is always looking for solutions and he is always looking for ways to make things better for animals and for human beings. He treats everyone equally.


With his donation to the Humane Society, he knows a lot of animals will be saved and they will get to live and be happy with a new home. If they don’t find a home right away, at least he knows they will be taken care of at the moment and have all of the proper tools from the Society. As far as human beings, when they use Talk Fusion, they get to use a company that is known for its video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are great tools for anyone that is looking to start up a business from the ground floor.


There are a lot of smart people out there with great ideas. The only thing missing are the tools and the platform for others to see it, embrace it, and get on board with it. Bob Reina has provided that and then some for them. Learn more:


George Soros Made One Of The World’s Biggest Charities

One of the world’s most kindhearted philanthropists, George Soros, the founder of the Central European University in Budapest has graciously donated 80% of his riches, dropping his original 39th spot on the Forbes rich list. Once being a net worth $23 billion, Soros’s substantial $18 million gift brings his total donations to over $32 billion that he has bestowed to the Open Society Foundation, a charitable organization that is striving to support individual’s human rights, justice, and equality across around the world for over three decades.The organization runs programs and grants for refugees, public health, and are a dedicated group that focuses their efforts on advancing the need for freedom of expression and democracy.

Although many may argue that the donations are solely based on tax write-offs, however, his real generously stems from his history and his devotion to improving the rights of everyone all over the globe.George Soros was born in a Jewish family and it was after he turned 11 that the Nazis had taken over Hungary’s capital, Budapest. He managed to survive World War II and in 1947, was able to escape communism.His brush with danger made a significant impact on his views in life and has inspired him to commit to protecting human rights and spreading democracy to the rest of the world.

After he escaped his home country he migrated to London, where he worked as a railway porter and waiter while he attended London School of Economics and earned a bachelor’s and eventually finished with a master’s of science in philosophy. Before he started Double Eagle his first hedge fund in 1969, which was later renamed Quantum Fund, George Soros began his business venture in both England and the United States, taking various merchant bank jobs. A year later, in 1970, the money earned from his first hedge fund was enough for him to start a second, Soros Fund Management, a private American Investment Management firm.

During the UK currency Crisis in 1992, he earned the title “the man who broke the Bank of England,” after his short sales in $ 10 billion worth of United Kingdom currency forced the government to devalue the pound.He became one of the top distributors to Democrats, such as Mrs. Clinton and also gave millions to PACs who was opposing Trump during the last election.His philanthropy really began in 1979 when he decided to give scholarships in Sothern Africa and in the 1980s he helped the open exchange of ideas in Hungary funding trips to the West. After the Cold War, he had expended to other areas of the world such as the United States, Africa, Latin America, and Asia, investing his wealth in new causes that will promote a fair, more accountable, transparent, and democratic governments and communities.For years Soros has given generously to Open Society Foundations about $800 to $900 million every year.This year he has increased that amount to around $18 billion and he is still estimated to donate an additional $2 billion in the following years to come.

Securus Technologies: Connecting Worlds

Securus Technologies is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the United States today. However, they are serving a different group of customers and clients – their main business partners are correctional facilities and the ones who are using their services are the prisoners. Securus Technologies has been in the business for years, and they managed to transform the prison communication industry by showing how innovation and development can be integrated to the communications system inside the prison. Other companies followed suit, but Securus Technologies remain as one of the most reliable prison communication companies out there.


The company began service prisons in the United States, as they partnered with state penal colonies for their communication needs. As time went by, the Canadian government has also sought their services. They are now operating in most of the United States and Canada, and the level of service that they provide to the prisoners is exceptional. Securus Technologies offers a variety of services, including video calling services, voice calling services, and voice mail. They also have other products being sold through their website, but the video calling services gets most of the demand.


Because of this, the company installed several kiosks inside the correctional facilities to serve as a terminal to use the service. Prisoners are able to call their loved ones outside, and because of the patented video calling technology that Securus Technologies has, the speed of connection between two parties are exceptional. According to the prisoners, this is the fastest video calling technology that they experienced. Securus Technologies is all for the innovation and development of the correctional facilities they serve, and according to the company, some state penal colonies are also considering removing the traditional face to face visits, in favor of the fast video calling technology that they developed. However, this petition is still under review.


Dentistry of the Future with MB2 Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a dental practitioner who had a plan to change the way traditional dentistry operates. For this, he founded the MB2 Dental Solution. It is a dental organization that works together with affiliated dentists and dental practitioners everywhere. MB2 Dentistry provides services to support the practice of dentists, without losing sight of their important work.

MB2 Dentistry makes it possible for dentists to focus on their patients and give their best in the dental care providing. The company achieves this by taking care of all the non-medical parts of the dental practice. This includes tasks that are burdensome, time-consuming, and related to documents that dentists should not have to do by themselves. The team of MB2 takes care of all of these. MB2 Dental gives dental practitioners the assistance, that does not require a long-term commitment and partnership. The firm provides practitioners in 70 affiliated location, in six states, with employees that support dentists in providing quality care and service to their patients.

The idea for MB2 Dental began when Chris Villanueva graduated dental school. There were two options for those who graduated dentistry – either join a large group of practitioners or begin a private practice. MB2 was created to use both opportunities so that dentists can achieve most with their patients.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is one of those late nights workers who use the small hours of the night to do their creative work. He surrounds himself with some of the most productive, smart and creative team members. His philosophy is to inspire his workers and then stay out of their way. As a CEO, he spends less time on micromanaging and more time on choosing the right people, inspiring them and then letting them unfold as professionals. Dr. Villanueva is excited about the new technologies coming out each year and how it improves the professional day-to-day life of professionals.

Dr. Villueva keeps the collaboration with his team members simple and fun. Promoting an open and light environment in the office is the key to building trust and honesty between himself and his workers. Building his business was hard, but during hard times the strength of character and building of integrity helped the business come out from where other businesses could not. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva advises people to give themselves time for self-reflection when not working and appreciating the day-to-day routine of the simple life.


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